How to Create Your Own Learning Experiences with Adventure Boxes

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How to Create Your Own Learning Experiences with Adventure BoxesThis post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

Are you preparing for summer learning? Are you considering a break from your regular homeschool routine but need something for your kids to dig into? How about an adventure? When our kids were younger, we used to gather themed items for learning fun. They are perfect for any time you want to engage in new learning and they are wonderful for getting started in a project based format. Enjoy a look at some updated information with How to Create Learning Experiences with Adventure Boxes.

What is an Adventure Box?

It’s a box full of books, crafts, and activities that allow a child to pursue an area of interest on his own. You can pack these up for a summer adventure or use this style of learning for a unit any time of the year. Several years ago I made this video to explain Adventure Boxes and how they work. All the mysteries will be cleared up when you watch!

Why Do Adventure Boxes?

  • Great for accommodating the interests of individual children.
  • Fun way to practice skills over the summer
  • Easy to adjust to your family and lifestyle
  • Kids like the structure of having adventure time every day.
  • Cuts down on the, “I’m bored!” complaints
  • Allows you to connect with your kids throughout the summer
  • Makes time for being creative
  • Works with all ages from high school down all the way to preschoolers
  • Encourages family adventures!

How to Create Your Own Learning Experience with Adventure Boxes

Consider Using Adventure Boxes:

  • To pour into a child’s passion
  • To have some summer time focused fun
  • As a passion pursuit in the afternoon after more formal lessons
  • For a unit study during the school year
  • As an independent study any time of the year
  • During unusual schooling circumstances- travel, illnesses, etc.

How Do I Start Putting Together an Adventure Box?

  • Start conferencing with your kids on what they’d like for an adventure.
  • Choose items for an Adventure Box theme.
  • Decide how you will keep the Adventure items together.
  • Decide when you’ll start on the Adventure each day.
  • How independent do you want the Adventure to be?
  • How many items will go into your box at once? Some kids will go through it all in an hour and other will savor the Adventure. Space things out accordingly!

Adventure Box Themes

These are all Adventure Box themes that we have done at our house. Now that our kids are project based learners, we don’t literally box up themed items these days. But, we still have many resources on hand and now my kids find their own when they are in a project phase.

How to Create Your Own Learning Experiences with Adventure Boxes

Flower Pressing & Identification– All things wildflowers including how to press them and what to do with them later.

Chemistry– Activities, resources, ideas, and books all about chemistry. This is a fun one for young and older students.

Yarn– Anything and everything yarn adventure with looms, crochet, knitting, and pom pom making. This is from beginner to advanced.

Insects & Critters– Nature smart kids will love this bundle of ideas and resources involving backyard friends.

Entomology The Science of Insects

Literature– Getting lost in story adventures is a dreamy way to spend time. Add in activities to go with them and it’s a winning combination!

Games– Any game lovers out there? Learn how to make your own games and make time to play others.

100 Family Games for Kids of All Ages

Sewing– Ideas, resources, and materials for a great sewing adventure.

Little House & the American Frontier– Who doesn’t love the stories from the American Frontier? The Little House series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder provides lots of story and learning with many products like cook books and craft books to add to the fun.

Sailing, Exploration, & Navigation– Find books, ideas, and activities to learn about navigation and world exploration or even in country exploring.

Learning with LEGO® Mindstorms

Resources for Putting the Technology in STEM– All kinds of gadgets, resources, and technology for doing lots of STEM exploration.

Learning with LEGO Mindstorms– Do you have a Mindstorms kit or are you thinking about getting one? Don’t miss this resource page full of resources, activities, and information on these kits.

Alternative Learning Experiences

Summer Reading Challenge without the Carrot & the Stick

Adventure Boxes are a tangible way to put together something non-traditional for your kids. What are some other ways to do this?

Summer Reading Challenge without the Carrot & the Stick– I’m not a fan of using rewards to encourage reading. What else can busy parents try? This post has many ideas for you!

Geography Quests– Short adventures which focus on geography. Easy to implement and kids can work together or independently.


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