How to Mix Words with Art

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Do you ever have a magical moment in your homeschool when you think all is right within your world?

Whatever you have planned turns out better than you expected.

Or you add an unexpected twist from a spontaneous idea as your students are working and the outcome is amazing?

I had one recently.

It usually involves an art project.

And lots of times stories.

This day it was mixing word play with an art project.

And the results were glorious!

Fall Mixed Media Art

Have you ever tried any of the Mixed Media Workshops with Alisha Gratehouse at The Masterpiece Society? The Art of Fall is a fun frolic through the season with accessible art projects.

We’ve had this course for years and we are still enjoying it.

  • 20+ art projects– with various media both substrate and tools
  • video instruction– you get to follow along with Ms. Gratehouse to your project’s completion
  • use at your own pace– no need to rush and the videos remain available
  • lasts more than season– most families won’t be able to finish every project in one autumn season, so it’s a great investment
  • for all skill levels– this course is doable with multiple ages from elementary through high school (younger kids will requires some assistance)
  • for moms too– these projects are pleasing for everyone. Be present. Enjoy every moment.
  • real art materials– mixed media courses let your students experience real art supplies with lovely results
  • fall art themes– apples, harvest, pumpkins, Thanksgiving are all there

If you’d like to take advantage of this course or any other homeschool product in the Masterpiece Society store, use BSW25 for 25% off your purchase.

Mom art. I decided to put mine in my nature journal. With my own mixed up poem.

Autumn Art Word Play

After the autumn tree art has been top coated with ModPodge, it’s time to play with words to make a poem.

  • Look through the choices for autumn quotes both here and in the Fall Mixed Media Workshop project page.
  • Choose to use a quote– just as it is
  • Cut out the quote– so that you have individual words or phrases to work with
  • Arrange the words– in a pleasing way on your piece of art so the quote can be read easily
  • Mix up the words– instead of using a quote as it is, rearrange the words and use words from another quote to make a new poem

What a fun way to sneak in some writing!

There was never any pen to paper (except for the artful accents).

It was all playing with language.

And a total win with a teenage boy who is not a whimsical fellow.

Lesson perfection.

I was so proud of myself.

See what you think:



in the




autumn leaves

– Isaac, 15

Fall Tree Poetry Options

No time to find the source for your fall art poetry? No problem!

I’ve got your back.

Plus, you’ve got options.

  • Use the words– that come with the Fall Mixed Media Workshop– there are a few quotes that accompany the leaf project pictured here. Don’t forget to  use BSW25 for 25% off your purchase.
  • Download the autumn quotes – provided with this post and use them as is or cut them apart to mix and match the words into new quotes.
  • Make up your own– use your imagination and tell about the things you love most about autumn. Make a list and arrange the words in a way to create a poem.

My 17yo chose to make her own autumn phrase.

She disappeared for a while and came back having printed her own poem.

She made a play on words with a metaphor.

Pretty clever.

You might be interested to know that her substrate is an upcycle.

She was given a piece of art as a 4-H prize.

And she happily covered it in gesso to begin again.


More Word Play Posts

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You can’t buy this kind of homeschool happiness.

We all love those wonderful homeschool moments.

Be on the lookout for them.

Let them bloom out of simple ideas.

Take it slow.

Embrace them.

And they happen when you least expect it sometimes.

Those are the best kind.





















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