10 Best Podcasts for Curious Kids

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There was a time when families were gathered around a radio.

Captivated by stories,

dramatic presentations,


and news.

After decades of video watching domination,

it seems like families are turning back to audio.

Enter the podcast.

Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

Podcasts are audio shows for all ages which can be streamed from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can also download episodes and subscribe so you get the newest shows regularly.

  • Develops Listening Skills– for those kids who need more practice, a podcast is a great way to go about it
  • Helps Auditory Learners Thrive– and for the kids who already listen well, this is a terrific way to keep them learning
  • Offers Portable Learning– you can take a podcast with you anywhere from the van to the store to your favorite cozy listening spot at home.
  • Provides Supplemental Material– for your curriculum or learning goals
  • Sneaks in Independent Activities– use this to get one on one time with other students by having kids listen on their own and ask for a narration afterward
  • Listen at a Low Cost– most often podcasts are free from their creators. Sometimes a subscription is required, but the ones I’ve listed here are all available for free.

Podcasts for Curious Kids

There are some great podcasts for kids and I’ve chosen some to create this curated list. See what you think!

  • Dream Big Podcast– hosted by eight year old Eva, who interviews people who do what they love and live their dreams everyday. There is quite a list of talent she gets to speak with and it’s sure to be a treat in your day.
  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids– this podcast features answers to kids’ questions. Kids ask the questions and they find the answers. You can send in your kids’ questions too!
  • Math Mutation– fun, interesting, or weird areas of the math world not heard in school

Science Podcasts for Curious Kids

  • Tumble– focuses on fascinating topics bu also tries to foster a love of science itself by interviewing scientists about their methods and discoveries. This is for the whole family.
  • Brains On– answers to kids’ science questions which features kids and fun answers to their questions
  • Wow in the World– the latest news and technology in a way that’s fun for kids to hear that is for the whole family to connect.

Story Podcasts for Kids

  • Story Pirates– a podcast where actors take children’s own stories and bring them to life. You can even submit a story.
  • The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd– in the style of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, this radio adventure series is fun for the whole family.
  • Eleanor Amplified– a radio show for the whole family where Eleanor tries to get the big story and must take on the bad guys along the way
  • Circle Round– story telling podcast for kids featuring carefully selected folktales from around the world

The next time you need some focused down time,

consider a podcast over a video.

Gather around and listen.

Build your listening skills.

Talk about what you heard.











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