History Quest: Around the World in 1862

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Blog, She Wrote: History Quest- Around the World in 1862

Most Americans know what was happening in America in 1862. It was the second year of the Civil War in the United States, right? But, what about elsewhere in the world? What other things were happening in the US during the war? Today’s quest will take us on a tour- History Quest: Around the World in 1862.

Milestones of the Civil War in 1862

Of course, the war was in full gear by 1862 and a lot of battles and skirmishes were all over the south. As we take a look at what else was happening, it’s important to note the facts about the Civil War at the time.

  • This was the year of the bloodiest day in US military history- What was the name of the battle? Where did it occur?
  • The war tore the nation in half. It also tore a state in half. What new state was granted admission to the Union in late 1862 and was admitted in June of 1863?
  • President Lincoln issued a Proclamation which allowed African Americans to serve in the Union Army. What was it and what did it say?
  • There were several battles, surprises, and counter attacks during the war in 1862. Other than the bloodiest battle mentioned above, what were they and were they deciding factors during the war?

Notable Happenings in the US other than the War in 1862

The Civil War was in its second year, but other things were going on in our country.

  • What tax was put into place on January 1, 1862?
  • What were greenbacks? What US Bureau issued them?
  • Samuel Colt was an inventor who died in 1862. What did he invent?
  • Lincoln signed The Homestead Act into law. What was that act and how did it work? What literary family took advantage of The Homestead Act?
  • Lincoln signed The Land Grant Act that year. What was it? Can you name any institutions that came out of The Land Grant Act?

Events around the World in 1862

Outside of the US, lots of things were happening. Let’s find out what some of them were:

  • The bowling ball was invented– Can you find out anything about the early game of bowling or how it came to be invented?
  • Lewis Carroll is the pen name for an author who wrote a famous children’s book. What is the name of his famous book, written in 1862?
  • What war in Europe was brewing?
  • Name the Asian country also having a civil war in 1862. What was it called?
  • The Father of Germ Theory did the first of many experiments on April 20, 1862. Who was the Father of Germ Theory? What did he experiment on?
  • Italy and what other country signed a peace treaty?
  • A lot of countries were unifying or declaring independence during this time. Research to see what was happening politically in Europe in 1862.

I hope you enjoyed our trip around the world. Maybe it gave you a new perspective from which to see the American Civil War as you learned what was happening besides the war that year. It was a fun quest to write because I was growing a little tired of all the battles. I decided to see if anything else was going on at the same time. I was surprised by all the other business our government was engaged in during the war. Were you?

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    1. Erin I can recheck that fact, but I did check her facts. I checked again. If you take a look at this link http://www.historyorb.com/events/date/1862?p=2 You’ll see Lincoln signed that act admitting WV into the Union on December 31, 1862. Just in at the last moment of the year! Perhaps they considered their official entry as 1863 then.

      1. Yeah, West Virginia definitely considers their statehood date as 1863. 🙂

        Lincoln signed the paperwork, but it was contingent upon the new state being a free state. The new “state” had to agree, then it was accepted as a state, and joined the union in June of 1863. :-).

        Here are a couple of links from a WV agency:


        Not trying to be a pain… We just lived there for five years. 🙂

        1. Ok so they consider their statehood as of 1863. Fair enough- Lincoln did sign the measure in 1862. I’ll amend the post to read that way. Thanks!

        2. My parents retired to West Virginia and have owned a home there for 17 years. Harper’s Ferry, WV is one of my favorite places on earth. Many hours spent there riding the tow path! I’m from Maryland and lived in northwestern Virginia for four years when we were first married.

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