Project time {Making an App}


Knowing how much E14 likes to fiddle with programming and try out some things and knowing that he now has his own Samsung Galaxy Player (an Android version of the iPod Touch for all you iThings folks), I suggested he try his hand at making an app.

I also hinted that a certain Homeschool Blogger might enjoy having an app for her blog…

After looking around at many different app makers, he found apps bar which is pretty much the only site he found that didn’t charge to submit the app. He had made the app on two other sites which claimed to be free, but when he clicked submit, it revealed the membership fee requirement. Of course, the paid sites are much better because they allow you to make more things (like games) and put more into your app, but it comes with a cost.

The results are pretty cool! He actually ended up making one for Blog, She Wrote and Miss Bliss– they were given to us as Christmas presents. If you load the app on your device, it will give you some options for navigating the blog. For example, you can go to the blog or you can check new content only. There’s even a button that will take you to my social media sites.

With apps bar you build the app and submit it. Then they check it through and make sure it all works. They approve it and send you the link where you download the app on to your device. The downside is the menu of choices for what you can put in the app is rather limited, but they are adding more.

If you want the app available in the Google Play store, you pay a one time fee of $25 and you can make your app available for the masses. Otherwise, you can send the link to those you know who want the app.

So, you know…if you want a Blog, She Wrote (or the Miss Bliss) app just let me know!

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