Sewing Camp Valentine’s Style


The Sewing Camp we started last summer blazes on into the New Year! Last month we met at one of the other girl’s homes and they made pillow case dresses for girls in Africa. I have some pictures on my phone from that event that I will share soon (the whole “preparing to move” thing is having unfortunate consequences for my blogging…I’ll try to keep up!). In the meantime, have a look at our February camp time.

We took on two projects- most often the girls have several options on how to spend their time and they choose one to complete. Only, it seems that a lot of times they don’t end up completing the longer ones. This time some girls wanted to make an Amish doll and others opted for the Valentine tshirt project.

Sometimes library books provide a nice project.
The shirt required some reverse applique. We attached some interfacing before doing any cutting.
The girls chose hearts to trace onto their shirts in various ways.
R11 went for a diagonal look.
They sewed along the traced chalk lines- a bit tricky.
This project was not as easy as some thought it would be!
Along with the interfacing, another layer of tshirt was attached and sewn on, so when you cut away the first layer, there was another one behind it.
Another camper tried piecing together the writing from one shirt onto another. She also tried another heart from the same blog- Make and Love It.
The shaggy heart project– doesn’t that look like lettuce?

Sewing Camp has been a really fun time for us this year. I’m so thankful for the girls and their moms who have committed to getting together each month. March is coming right up so I’m on the lookout for a new project and of course those who chose the dolls will be working on those again.

I find that the best projects are those that can be finished on that afternoon- what a sense of accomplishment comes with completing something fun all at once!

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