Sewing Camp January!


As promised, I am posting about our Sewing Camp from January. The January edition was hosted by one of our campers. She chose a project for us and invited the girls sledding. With the serious lack of snow this winter season, the girls experienced a tiny snow miracle late that week and enough snow fell for the party!

The girls worked on pillow case dresses for the “Dress a Girl around the World Sew-a-long”. The tutorial for the dress was from {lgb studio}. Information on what to do with the dresses once they are complete is found here. Pretty cool that we added a service component to our Sewing Camp!

Cutting the pattern…it was interesting to see what fabrics the girls brought. I don’t think I saw any pillowcases.
I loved this little pattern.
The girls used sewing machines…
and sergers! They are getting to be pros on that little machine. This one is R’s made from some scrap fabric and one of her old bed sheets that had lost elasticity!

March seems pretty busy for some of the campers, but I think we will press on with our once a month sewing. Read the post below if you missed the news on February Valentine’s Camp. We are still in the throws of preparing our house to sell. My husband is working as hard as ever! Thank you Dan! And today as R11 was poking around the fabric bins while he was taking a break, she promised she would not make a mess! That is when he shook his head and marveled that we have three sewing machines in the house- well one is out for a tune up he said, but we have three! R11 corrected him. “Daddy (giggle), one is a serger!”

Yes, we have a serger! Stay tuned for news on that later. And in the meantime, my job around here is more the hoe out and make neat and trim portion of the operation. Therefore, I have work to do on organizing and stowing fabric while making it look amazing and accessible. All at the same time.

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  1. I am going to attempt sewing classes myself this year! I think the sewing camp you do with other families is such a neat idea!! So creative AND cost effective!!!

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