The Ultimate List of Shark Science Resources

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Have I really compiled the ultimate list of shark science resources?

It doesn’t include all the possibilities.

After all, the internet is a big place.

But, you don’t need a million sources.

You only need the good ones-

the ones that offer the best experiences.

Let’s get this shark science adventure started.

This Geography Quest focuses on shark migration around the world. Track shark movement with a map.

Shark Science Website Resources

If you and your students want to learn the science of sharks, there’s so much at your fingertips! Many websites are devoted to shark education.

My personal favorite is the online class on Sharks.

Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) are such an authentic way to gain knowledge and learn from experts in their fields.

It’s an exciting time to be a life long learner!

Shark Lab & Notebooking Resources

Shark Paper Dissection offers a look at shark physiology

Shark Paper Dissection Sciencstructable 3D Dissection Model– Have you seen these? They are paper piecing dissection kits which are perfect for biology notebooking through high school and they make a great introduction to the specimen before a hands on dissection.

This download includes a Power Point with information and directions, reading, and the 3D paper anatomy model.

I use these for high school biology courses during classification and our survey of the animal kingdom.

75 Outstanding Shark Resources that Will Make You Squeal– if you are into shark printables, look no further! Be sure to check out the free shark notebooking pages!

Fish Notebooking Pages offers notebooking pages for any study. We have the lifetime membership and I use it whenever I need a resource I don’t have. Some of my kids adore notebooking and some don’t like it at all. Right now, I have one of each type.

Shark Videos at Amazon Prime

One of my favorite things about Amazon Prime is the library of educational documentaries available to Prime customers.

In my experience, there are more of this genre with Prime than at Netflix.

Or maybe they just have a better search feature.

Here’s what I found that was interesting to watch right from the start:

Watching documentaries and other educational videos is one of the things we enjoy about our Kindle Fires.

Art Resources for Shark Learning

It’s always fun to round out learning experiences with art.

Art can stretch our kids who don’t love it.

And it makes the hearts of our creative kids sing.

There’s room for both in any study.

Have you tried any of the video instruction from Chalk Pastel?

Nana is a delight.

Not only will your students practice art,

they’ll learn a lot about sharks along the way.

Sharks Video Art Lessons

More about Sharks at Blog, She Wrote

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  • Alternatives for High School Biology Dissections– need more ideas for how to accomplish dissections differently? Check out these ideas!

So, are you ready for adventure in the open ocean?

Or along the coral reef?

To follow sharks on their migration?

Studying sharks isn’t just a summer endeavor.

You and your middle and high schoolers can study sharks any time!

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