12 Easy Science and Math Games for Homeschooling High School

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Any time you need to inject a boost of learning into your homeschooling high school, why not try a game? There are lots of card games, board games, and even video games that will have your high schoolers engaging with the topic and increasing their STEM skills. 12 Easy Science and Math Games for Homeschooling High School is an annotated list of STEM related games for you to enjoy with your teens.

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Our family loves games. Like, we super love them. Some games are better than others, but we enjoy spending that time together and winning. We like to win.

The games in this list are just a baker’s dozen of games that you can use in your homeschooling high school day to take brain breaks and to improve skills.

Logic & Math Games for Homeschooling High School

math scrabble board with lots of tiles

You might already have a favorite logic or math game in your game closet. If not, or you just want to add to the pile, try these!

  • Pandemic– this is a cooperative game where you try and prevent a deadly virus from spreading around the world. This one is not easy to beat and you can add expansions to have more roles for your cooperative team.
  • Azul– this is a tile laying game that has a very Mediterranean feel. You must maximize your points by laying down tiles and hoping you’ll get the tiles you need before another player. This game has a few variants with various shapes and rules that you can also try.
  • Gravity Maze– don’t be fooled by its juvenile appearance, you need to have your marble make it to the end without getting a dead end first.
  • Set– this little card game has you finding triplets of cards that only match in one variable. I admit this one isn’t easy to play, but it is easy to pull out and play!
  • Equate– think Scrabble but with math equations instead of letters. That’s what Equate is. At one time, you could get easier and more difficult tiles in addition to the ones that come with the game.
  • Monopoly Mega– this game should probably have its own category because there are so many variations of the game. This one is a big version with skyscrapers and $1000 bills! You can also find the longest game ever or just go with the Millionaire or Electronic banking versions.
  • Sumuku– another number tile crossword game where you place numbers to add to multiples of the number shown on the die you roll at the start.
  • Math Dice– there are several versions of this little game and the one you buy should probably match your teen’s skill level. Math Dice is all about mental math.

With this set of games, I’ll include all the other areas of STEM, including science and technology/engineering.

  • Terraforming Mars– in this long game, you’ll be setting up life on Mars and you need to keep track of all the needs of humans and animals as you create a new colony.
  • Professor Noggin Trivia Games– there are Noggin games for tons of science and history topics. These are simple trivia games that are great for review or on the go.
  • Trekking the National Parks– this game is wildly popular and includes some ecology and information about the parks
  • Wingspan– such a popular game and it has expansions. I love a good game with expansions! Your job as an ornithologist is to attract the best birds to your wildlife sanctuary.
  • Photosynthesis– a game where you try to raise your trees from seed to maturity with lots of mitigating factors along the way

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