How to Earn College Credit with DSST &

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If you’ve been a Blog, She Wrote reader for long,

then you know all of my students are teenagers.

That’s four teens in my house this summer!

When you are homeschooling high school,

eventually the conversation turns to what comes after high school.

For some, earning college credit while still in high school is a big deal.

There has never been an easier time to earn college credit as a high schooler.

And there are many ways to do it-


dual enrollment, or even

starting college early.

The DSST Exam

If you are like me, then the DSST is new to you.

It’s a test that’s been around for a long time

for members of the military.

And it’s now available for everyone to take.

The exams are affordable.

They are for anyone interested in earning college credit on their own schedule.

As we looked through the study materials for the DSST,

it became obvious how many exams students have an option to take

from United States History to Math topics to English and many in between.

Passing DSST exams allow you to:

  • Earn credits before you begin college
  • Earn credits between college semesters
  • Earn credits during a gap year
  • Shorten the time your student attends college
  • Reduce your student’s tuition rate
  • Get credit for what your student already knows
  • Knock out pre-requisite between school years- and at a reduced rate

If your student decides that a DSST exam is an appropriate path,

that means choosing the right prep tool.

Benefits of Using to Prepare for Earning College Credit offers educational material for many paths.

One of those is the DSST exam. provides:

  • Video instruction– from professional educators
  • Lesson transcripts– for every video
  • Mobile version– it also remembers your place between devices. Swoon.
  • Apps for Android & Apple– so you can take your studies wherever you go
  • Study materials– for 30 or so DSST tests
  • Tutorials– from educators who also share the common pitfalls of problem solving. My 16yo really likes this feature because it helps him to make less mistakes.
  • Quizzes– to see how much you know and to help you remember the content you are learning and reviewing
  • Practice tests– Get an idea of what a real DSST is like.
  • Personalized study plan– to help you get ready in time, will create a weekly schedule for you to stay on track. This is a win for teens who do not manage their time well. And may not enjoy taking direction on the topic from you. for Homeschooling High School

Not only does provide support for the many DSST exams,

it contains other options for homeschoolers.

  • Variety of coursework available- from humanities to math and science
  • AP exam prep- remember you do not need to take “AP courses” to take an AP exam. You just have to be prepared to pass!
  • Homework helpers- for many subjects
  • Middle & high school content
  • CLEP prep
  • PSAT prep
  • ACT prep
  • SAT prep
  • GED prep
  • Graduate school prep- like the GRE and LSAT
  • Texbook help- for publishers like Saxon
  • Subject area study guides

And there’s more in addition to what I’ve listed here.

Some of the content is suited toward conventionally schooled teens to prepare them for school tests- like state issued standardized tests.

That’s a lot of content.

If earning college credit in high school is on your high schooler’s radar, is a thorough tool to help get the job done.

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