Unit Study: The Life of Ben Carson

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Blog, She Wrote: Unit Study- The Life of Ben Carson

I have partnered with Great Homeschool Conventions to bring you announcements during this convention year. Ben Carson will be speaking at two GHC locations this season- Cincinnati & Greenville.

Read about Ben Carson

Reading biographies of extraordinary people can be encouraging and open a window to their character. There are several great choices for Ben Carson.

Explore Careers in Medicine

Ben loved to read and enjoyed science from a young age. Eventually, he decided to pursue a career in medicine. Have you ever talked about this vocation with your kids? Now is a great time. Dr. Carson is a retired pediatric neurosurgeon. Help your kids to understand medicine and what it takes to be a doctor.

Study The Brain & Nervous System

Dr. Carson specializes in pediatric neurosurgery which is brain surgery on kids! Take some time to learn about our fascinating brains and nervous system. Here are a few resources on the topic.

Ben Carson has had an amazing journey from a troubled beginning to becoming a world renowned surgeon. He places his success on his faith and his love of reading which was something his mom insisted upon. Just think of the potential we all have if we are faithful, disciplined people who love to read!

We invite you to enjoy the unit study and what better way to follow it up than to see Mr. Carson speak in person at one of two GHC locations this season. I’m excited to see where his retirement career will lead him next.

Visit other iHomeschool Network bloggers who are mentioning Dr. Carson today. I’ve enjoyed reading about this real life hero.

Blog, She Wrote: Great Homeschool Conventions

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  1. What a great idea for a unit study – and then being able to hear him speak!

    I just wanted to mention there was also a movie made called Gifted Hands. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as Ben Carson.


  2. Yes, thanks Sarah! I do know about the movie, but I usually don’t include them since I’m not a movie person. haha Just ask my family! : )

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