Ten Reasons to Use a Kindle in Your Homeschool

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Blog, She Wrote: Ten Reasons to Use a Kindle in Your Homeschool Part 1This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

5 Great Reasons to Use an eReader Kindle

Quick Acquisition

  • Using an eReader doesn’t require a lot of advanced planning. You simply make the purchase and less than 30 seconds later your student is reading! I find this especially helpful when we’re asked to read a short story as part of the day.
  • Rather than going to the library or purchasing our own hard copy, we can simply add it wirelessly to the Kindle and reading begins.
  • Kindle books cost less than printed books and sometimes the book is so cheap, the gas to run to the library and back is more than the cost of the ebook.

Built in Dictionary

  • As much as I’m a fan of a bound dictionary in our homeschool, I recognize the value of taking a moment to click for the definition of an unknown word.
  • Even the most reluctant reader can come across a word she doesn’t understand and find out what the word is effortlessly. That’s a win.

Blog, She Wrote: 5 Reasons to Use a Kindle in Your Homeschool

Less Storage

  • We love paper books on our bookshelves. We also have a finite space to store them. eBooks allows us to have books that take up less room.
  • They are also very easy to organize on the Kindle eReader because you can sort them by genre.

More Portable

  • My daughter and I love that we can take many books with us places without having to carry them all or find room for them all.
  • At any given time she can enjoy all of her favorite books.
  • We like to read aloud to our kids even on vacation and this way I don’t need to leave room for anything, but my Kindle!

Open Source Texts/Public Domain Classics

  • Are easy to read and easy to work with while doing school.
  • Our high school science texts are cK-12 texts available in multiple electronic formats. My high schooler can work from the Kindle at a table to do his biology and chemistry.
  • We read a lot of classics in our homeschool and they are big books.
  • The Kindle can make a large text appear much less intimidating! And you can adjust the font size to accommodate your students needs and preferences.

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I love seeing articles about using technology in homeschooling (that’s my schtick). I’m hoping more and more publishers of homeschool curriculum make their textbooks available on Kindle and other e-reader platforms.



  2. We use our ipads with the kindle app and audio readers as well. I understand the whole storage thing. After 12 years of homeschooling, our shelves are really full yet that doesn’t stop me from curling up with a good old paper book and taking it all in! 🙂

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