Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game

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Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game

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Many of you know that we are a huge gaming family. We play several games a week if not once a day most of the time. What’s not to love about the opportunity to check out a new game? After seeing a What’s in the Bible DVD all about the book of Kings & Chronicles, our 9yo was excited to try this game out. He was not disappointed and he invited us all to play. He knew all about Israel’s desire to have a king and the struggles that ensued as a result. Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game is a fun board game for reinforcing all sorts of lessons about ancient Israel.

Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game

Benefits of Playing Kings of Israel in Your Homeschool

Games are full of worthwhile experiences for kids. Kings of Israel is no exception. What can Kings of Israel bring to your homeschool?

  • Introduce students to ancient Israel
  • Learn the geography of ancient Israel
  • Teach about kings and the political system of Israel long ago
  • Learn about prophets
  • Coordinate game play with history lessons
  • Reinforce Bible lessons
  • Share the game with friends and youth groups
  • Provide an alternative to screen time through board game play
  • Enjoy a fun and challenging Bible game
  • Download matching curriculum- a Bible Study Rulebook and supplement studies for Kings of Israel
  • Play a simpler version to teach several Biblical topics with the same game.
  • Challenge your teens along with your middle schoolers with a game geared toward older kids while still being fun to kids in late elementary (assuming they have game experience).
  • Inspire players to make their own games. Our 16yo Ethan made a game in 8th grade called Conversion which was a game all about converting believers in The Middle Ages.

Emphasize Cooperative Play with a Biblical Board Game

Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game

We have a few cooperative games, but Kings of Israel presents a unique challenge to players. You must work together to build altars and remove idols before the false prophets cause the people of Israel to stray. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure all players understand the purpose of the game.
  • Go over effective strategies like removing idols as soon as possible.
  • Use the tutorials if you having trouble understanding the game play
  • Easy & Expert Versions are available in the rule book to help multiple ages play together.
  • Work out a way to make decisions so you can work together. We have one child who often does not agree with the other team members’ strategy.

The key to success is working as a team with the resources you collect to abolish idols, build temples, and defeat the false prophets.

Details on Kings of Israel Game Play

It takes some time to read the rules and get set for game play, but FunHill Games is equipped to help you out. Visit is this link for the official rule page on Kings of Israel.

If you still want more information on how the game plays, you can view this video tutorial on how to play Kings of Israel. Don’t be discouraged that the game is too much to learn. Our 9 year old had no problem at all setting up the game and reading the directions himself. In fact, he taught the rest of us to play.

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Discount on Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game

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Kings of Israel Biblical Board Game

Kings of Israel is a wonderful family investment in a game, a Bible study, and a cooperative experience.


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