The Best Hands on History for Middle School

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Disclaimer: I received Project Passport Middle Ages in order to write this review (though I purchased it on my own to use in our homeschool years ago) and I was compensated for my time in writing this review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

Curriculum choices for middle school can be tricky.

When we find something that works, we stick with it! How about you?

For us, one of those tried and true resources is the Home School in the Woods Time Travelers and Project Passport History studies.

Today I’m sharing our experience with Project Passport Middle Ages which is among The Best Hands on History for Middle Schoolers.

Home School in the Woods Hands on History

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Some students thrive with hands on learning!

I have a few of them myself.

We’ve used the Home School in the Woods hands on history products for many years.

What can you expect from the Project Passport studies?

colored and cut history papers arranged on paper
  • Beautiful graphic design– you will love the drawings and maps included in these studies
  • Coloring pages– the designs leave plenty of room for coloring and creativity
  • Lapbook materials– so many pockets and moving parts of fun!
  • Notebooking materials– to mix things up between lapbooking and the more straight forward notebooking process
  • Models to build– there’s always at least one model to build along with cultural experiences
  • Garments & Accessories to makefashion of the time is included which was always a hit with our fashion design daughter. One of my son’s LOVED making the hats and is still known to put on the garrison cap he made with one of the studies.
  • Detailed instructions– the online based instructions will not disappoint. For mom, they are easy to follow and come with text about the time as well.
  • Resource list– lots of great books, audio books and videos related to the time period are included

Benefits of Studying with Home School in the Woods

stack of books on the Middle Ages

With so many options out there for your history studies, why choose Home School in the Woods?

This is what we love about them:

  • All in One Study– everything you need to complete a full study is included with the download or CD. That includes the informative text on the topics.
  • Includes Timeline Figures– so you can add to whatever timeline you are using in your history studies
  • Offers a Variety of Hands on Experiences– there isn’t just one type, but many ways you can engage in hands on learning with your middle schoolers in these units
  • Provides Independence– if your students wants to work alone, they can. The directions are accessible to students who like to read and do on their own projects.
  • Affordable History– the cost is manageable for so much material. I always find I have to pick and choose what we work on.
  • Accessible Materials– I dislike having to find long lists of unusual materials in hands on activity books. Home School in the Woods makes sure the materials list is pretty simple- paper, colored pencils, printer, and a few household items will get you going quickly.

Free Hands on History for You

two teen boys excited to build a catapult
What’s better than building a catapult?

Want to try out a hands on history activity for free?

Home School in the Woods is generously sharing a Greek Life File Folder game with you. Just use code iHNGameNight at checkout. The offer expires August 30, 2020.

Simply click the link below to download yours for free!

Home School in the Woods Hands on History Giveaway

lapbook with election materials in it

This election year is the perfect opportunity to try the U.S. Elections Lapbook.

We got the chance to use the lapbook with a study of American Government this last school year. It’s packed full of how our government works and details on the office of the President.

There are 21 lapbook projects inside this unit.

Would you like a chance to win this U.S. Election Study?

Enter to win below from anywhere in the world to win this digital product. The giveaway is open now and runs through August 7, 2020. Click the button to enter!

Project Passport Middle Ages

If you are studying the Middle Ages this year, click and learn more about the 21 elements in this hands on history study!

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