Have Homeschool Typing Skills You Can Be Proud Of

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middle school boy touch typing at a computer

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My mom made me take a typing class in high school.

We’re talking old school with a room full of typewriters.

It’s one of the best things she’s done for me.

Thanks, Mom!

My touch typing skills got me through college, classroom teaching, and eventually have proven to be one of the skills I use most on a daily basis.

In fact, I’m using it now.

What about our homeschooled kids?

Homeschool Typing is for All Ages

middle school boy smiling at a computer with his hands on a keyboard

Why teach typing at all in the age of the computer?

Aren’t kids just keyboarding all the time now?

Some of our kids do use the computer a lot.

Others aren’t as proficient at using a keyboard.

But, we all need typing skills since we all use the computer .

  • Makes working at a keyboard more efficient- and faster as a result
  • Helps to avoid developing bad habits- for beginners just starting out
  • Fixes poor habits in older students- if your kids aren’t keyboarding well, typing instruction will get them back on track
  • Ensures that interfacing with technology is not a limiting factor- when you are working with your students on any project involving a computer and a keyboard

Times Our Kids Need Keyboard Efficiency

How often are your students at a keyboard these days?

For us, it’s often.

For example:

  • Typing essays & papers
  • Making presentations
  • Writing computer programs
  • Participating in online communities

What else do your students use a computer for?

Does their ability to type affect their performance?

Benefits of Using Typesy for Teaching Homeschool Typing

Typesy Homeschool equips homeschooling parents with a reliable touch typing instructional program.

Here’s what we loved:

  • Accessible– easy to sign up and get started with real lessons right away
  • Home keys are the focus– one hand at a time and skills build on each other
  • Games for practice– fun for beginners whether they have experience or not.Who doesn’t want to beat their previous performance?
  • Contains multiple practice modes– during the lessons on the same set of keys
  • Administrator access– so you can check on your students’ progress and manage your whole family as the parent
  • Well designed program– that assesses skills and delivers content
  • Learn touch typing– without loads of hours on the computer
  • Approach is consistent– no need to worry that your typing instruction is haphazard and incomplete

Typsey Subscription Giveaway

middle school boy playing a typing game at a computer

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Enter the giveaway below for a chance to enjoy Typesy in your family!

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Typing ability is a non-negotiable in a world filled with keyboard interfaces to technology.

How are you incorporating typing instruction into your homeschool?

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  1. I was homeschooled myself. I still remember that first computer in our dining room. We used Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing to practice.

      1. I’m old. I learned to type on a manual typewriter in 9th grade. Having to do the math to figure out footnotes was the worst. And making corrections with correction tape!

  2. This looks like a great program! Typing is one of those subjects that I haven’t put a priority on, but thanks to your persuasive points, I definitely see that this is a necessary skill for my students. Thanks!

  3. I took typing in middle school but didn’t really learn to type. Would love to actually learn along side my children.

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