History Quest: The Ten Percent Plan Edition

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History Quest: The 10% Plan

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If you haven’t participated in a History Quest before, check out our other History Quests here at Blog, She Wrote. Rebecca, our 9th grader, does the research as part of her history course and writes the Quest and I format them and prepare them for the blog post. Enjoy!

Even before The Civil War was over, President Lincoln was planning and instituting the reconstruction of post war America. At the heart of Lincoln’s plan was The Ten Percent Plan. Join in today for History Quest: The Ten Percent Plan Edition and explore what was to happen after The Civil War ended to bring the southern states back into the Union.

The Details of the Ten Percent Plan

The plan was designed to help rebuild the Union after The Civil War was over. Let’s find out more about the plan.

  • What was The Ten Percent plan?
  • High ranking civilian and military Confederate officials had to apply for what from the President?
  • Did other Confederate citizens have to apply for anything?
  • As part of this plan, Confederates would have their property returned to them. There were some exceptions. What were they?

The Plan for Confederate States to Be Readmitted to The Union

The plan called for specific guidelines in order to be reabsorbed into the Union. We’ll learn more about what was required of the states:

  • What did ten percent of citizens have to do for the state to be readmitted to the Union?
  • States had to write a new constitution. What was the main point this new constitution needed?
  • Were all Confederate States readmitted to the Union treated as second rate states?

Opposition to the Ten Percent Plan

Not everyone liked the plan. In fact, an entire was made of people who opposed the Ten Percent plan.

  • What was the name of the party which opposed Lincoln’s Ten Percent plan?
  • Why were some against the plan?
  • How did President Lincoln’s assassination affect the implementation of The Ten Percent plan?
  • What were some alternative ideas on how post war reconstruction was to happen?

Picking up the pieces after the war was difficult for both the north and the south after such a brutal, emotionally charged conflict. Learn more about Lincoln’s plan by exploring the Ten Percent plan. New amendments would be made to the US constitution leading to the end of the war. If you want a detailed picture of how Lincoln worked toward the 13th amendment, I recommend the movie, Lincoln. It is best suited for high schoolers, but it was an interesting perspective on Lincoln, his cabinet, and the war.

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