How to Earn College Credit in High School with CLEP and

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How to Earn College Credit in High School with CLEP and

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You’ve entered the realm of homeschooling high school.

High School

There are so many decision points.

Teens are forming plans.

Some students may choose to get ahead.

Did you know you can do that with exams?

For some students, it is an excellent option.

But, you have to be ready!

Define Your Academic Goals

What are your student’s plans?

If they include things like:

  • going to college
  • spending less on college
  • getting ahead before college begins
  • testing the waters before getting to college
  • taking prerequisites early

Your student may want to take one or more CLEP exam.

To be sure,

there are other ways to accomplish some of these goals.

But, a CLEP exam is one method.

It’s accessible.

And affordable.

Determine If CLEP Is Right for Your Student

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program.

Unlike the AP test, a CLEP exam gives you real college credit (as long your student’s college accepts the exam).

Not an equivalent of a credit.

Passing CLEP exams allow you to:

  • Earn credits before you begin college
  • Earn credits between college semesters
  • Shorten the time your student attends college
  • Reduce your student’s tuition rate
  • Get credit for what your student already knows
  • Knock out pre-requisite between school years- and at a reduced rate

If your student decides that a CLEP exam is an appropriate path,

it’s time to prepare for the exam.

All that effort means choosing the right prep tool.

Benefits of Using offers educational material for many paths.

One of those is the CLEP exam.

You’ll find materials here to indicate your strengths.

And what you need to work on.

In order to be successful on your CLEP exams.

As you study and prepare for your academic goals, provides:

  • Video instruction– from professional educators
  • Lesson transcripts– for every video
  • Mobile version– it also remembers your place between devices. Swoon.
  • Apps for Android & Apple– so you can take your studies wherever you go
  • Study materials– for 30 CLEP tests
  • Tutorials– from educators who also share the common pitfalls of problem solving. My 15yo really liked this feature because it helped him to make less mistakes.

  • Quizzes– to see how much you know and to help you remember the content you are learning and reviewing
  • Practice tests– Get an idea of what a real CLEP is like.
  • Personalized study plan– to help you get ready in time, will create a weekly schedule for you to stay on track. This is a win for teens who do not manage their time well. And may not enjoy taking direction on the topic from you. for Homeschoolers

Our high school sophomore tried out as a supplement to his Algebra work.

He’s pretty skeptical

when it comes to math.

Highly suspect, in fact.

But, like Mikey,

he likes it!

Here are a few other things he had to say:

  • The videos have simple to complex problems– going from just variables to examples with real numbers, to more complex problems
  • I learned about the tricks– because math is always tricky. He felt more confident heading into the quizzes.
  • The tablet was the best– it’s easy to grab and use anywhere you want to use it.

Not only does provide support for the 30 CLEP exams,

it contains other options for homeschoolers.

  • Variety of coursework available- from humanities to math and science
  • AP exam prep- remember you do not need to take “AP courses” to take an AP exam. You just have to be prepared to pass!
  • Homework helpers- for many subjects
  • Middle & high school content
  • PSAT prep
  • ACT prep
  • SAT prep
  • GED prep
  • Graduate school prep- like the GRE and LSAT
  • Texbook help- for publishers like Saxon
  • Subject area study guides

This list is not exhaustive.

Some of the content is suited toward conventionally schooled teens to prepare them for school tests. For example, NY regents prep is included.

That’s a lot of content.

Having the right tools for the job

makes the job easier.

If your student wants to get the jump

on college credits, is an affordable way

to make that happen.

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  1. I might just have to see about getting a subscription now that I have 1 high schooler and 2 middle schoolers. One child in particular, really does well with video content.

  2. This is new to me and is something we will definitely have to check out for my soon-to-be freshman.

  3. Thanks. This looks interesting. We are trying to decide about Regents, APs and SAT subject tests here. Being able to practice them and see what the best fit might be would be pretty helpful.

    1. has prep stuff for the Regents tests. Is your son going to take them? NY loves their Regents, but outside of the state, they are not recognized in any meaningful way. Just an FYI in case you might be thinking they have high value. Save your effort and choose another test!

  4. My son would love to CLEP out of math! Btw, I have been reading your blog off and on for about 10 years now.

    1. Steph, I’d have loved to CLEP out of math too! Thank you so much for being a loyal reader all these years!

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