Exploring Geography with History Quests

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If you have any history buffs in your house, you might be interested in the post Exploring History with History Quests over at Bright Ideas Press.

Using History Quests in Your Homeschool

If you need an independent tool for exploring history, check out all the reasons for you to use this format in your homeschool. Allowing your students to explore history on their own is a fun way to give them ownership of their studies within the curriculum you are using.

What is a History Quest?

A History Quest is a simple exploration activity in which your student chooses a topic and does some quick research. This year we are using All American History Volume II from Bright Ideas Press, and I chose to replace some of the “For Further Study” items in each chapter with a History Quest of my student’s choosing. At first, I was interested in creating the Quests for my students to do, but my ninth grader suggested she research a topic and write them for me to use on my blog Blog, She Wrote. What a challenge!

Blog, She Wrote: History Quest- Civil War Uniforms

Learn More about History Quests

By visiting the post at Bright Ideas Press. Then come back here for three History Quests we’ve written for you!

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