Geography Quest: Daniel Boone Edition

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Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest- Daniel Boone Edition

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Welcome to the second week of the Autumn, 2013 iHN Hopscotch. We’ll be continuing with another five days of Geography Quests. Join us today for a little Quest involving one of our favorite American Heroes, Daniel Boone.

Learn about The Pennsylvania Wilderness with Daniel Boone

  • Identify the Pennsylvania wilderness at the time of Daniel Boone.
  • Name the places where Daniel Boone regularly visited in PA.
  • Read about how Daniel Boone became an excellent tracker.
  • How did Daniel Boone make a living? How did that foreshadow his future endeavors?

Follow the Wilderness Trail with Daniel Boone

  • Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail– The Association has a website you can explore to find out the route of the trail which connected the land along the east and west of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Map of the Wilderness Trail– an interactive map along with a tour of the historical sites along the way
  • Map and Mark the Wilderness Trail on state maps and/or regional US maps- for a detailed map it would be fun to print the states that trail goes through and tape them together so you can mark the trail with detail and hang it up.

Enjoy a “History Bill” video about Daniel Boone and how he helped settlers move through the wilderness.

Resources to Learn More about Daniel Boone

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