Fashion Design

R10 and I have been to a few university fashion shows recently, which I’ll report on very soon. In the meantime, these are the gowns she and her friend designed using her little doll sized dress form the night of the Civil War Ball. Enjoy the creative spirit!

This one is my personal favorite!

Next year these girls will be attending the ball themselves. It will be fun to see what design they come up with in the end. I will surely report on what they wear!

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  1. Too cute! I like the brown with polkadots! While I am here I wanted to pick your brain again. I have used Barb's Nature Studies at HNS blog and liked them but I have not tried FIAR NS. What's your favorite or do they compare? Oh, I wanted to know if you had seen the Trail Guide to Learning Units? They look awesome. I just found them this week. Toooo many choices, not enough $$! ;o)

  2. Thanks ladies! They had a really good time doing this.FIAR Nature Study is a compilation of poetry, songs, nature journaling pages, color, art and information about all kinds of animals during each season. It is REALLY nice. It's different because there aren't specific lessons laid out like Barb's. But equally as valuable in another way. Heather

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