Ball Gown Part 4


Here we go…the final unveiling! R11 looked beautiful. Enjoy the results!

We decided that the flower would do well over the zipper. Beautiful!

The shape of the dress turned out so well.

I just love the back and I do love that flower to match the ruffles! Not sure I mentioned before that a second button was added to the bustle.

The length was brought up to a walking length which I think worked very well for the dancing. The “gloves” were a nice touch.

We had talked about using a cameo, but mine are not quite the right color for her dress. The black ribbon was a bonus!

The vertical gathers helped to pull the underskirt up under the skirt and it helped to add more bulk to the dress.
These were all across the front of the underskirt- perhaps next time we’ll go for a more full hoop under the dress to keep that under skirt fluffed out more fully under the top tier.
R11 loved the addition of the lace mantilla to use as a shawl.
Enter goofy 13 year old brother doing a C3PO pose as his blog shot.

His outfit is a vest with a white shirt that has a man’s ribbon tie and a “gold” pocket watch R made for him when he played Phileas Fogg at the costume party back at Halloween. Thanks Grandma for that great hat! He wears is a lot actually.

All three (Dan, E13, and R11) looked ready for an evening at the Civil Ball and they had a grand time. Dan ran the music for the evening and did some dancing, of course. The girls loved the dresses and R11 was so excited it was finally her turn to go!

I’m sure Mrs. R and R11 will begin dreaming of next year’s dress not too long from now. They already have plans of how to wear this dress at different occasions during the year. When I questioned about saving the gown to wear again, Mrs. R gasped and said, “Well there will be a new gown for next year! Of course!”

Let the dreaming begin!

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