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Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest

Geography Quests for Geography Adventures

Geography Quests have been going strong since August, 2013. Have you tried a Quest? They run to match the calendar, seasons or current events and are designed to be done independently and without much planning. By clicking through to the Geography Quest page, you’ll find the complete list of Quests all in one place. Geography Quests are:

  • Meant for all ages– every student can explore to his potential. Beginners can keep it simple. High Schoolers can learn more deeply or connect the quest to current events and historical context.
  • Spontaneous– They are meant to click in and start. It’s not difficult to get started and many are designed around the calendar.
  • Accessible– Because they are blog posts, you can pick up your phone/tablet at the doctor’s office or while waiting in line and start exploring.
  • Flexible– They can be as brief as ten to fifteen minutes of your day or you can dig deeper and spend more time reading, mapping, and learning.

For example, today is Groundhog Day! Do you know the history of this holiday? Try Geography Quest: Groundhog Day Edition and enjoy a trip to Punxatawney, Pennsylvania!

Geography Quest Groundhog Day Edition

Subscriber Printable Freebie for Geography Quests

For the first time, I’m offering a free printable to subscribers! This printable is made to accompany any of the 36 Geography Quests. Since the Quests are really meant to be short explorations into geography, the printable is also simple. You’ll find:

  • A place to write the title of the Quest- Each one has its own focus.
  • A place for mapping- Draw a map of the Quest’s destination or focus which includes a compass rose.
  • Lined spaces- Far enough a part for young or special needs learners, for unique facts to be recorded.
  • The page is designed to look like an old treasure map- Because what is a Quest without a treasure map?
  • You can use this printable for any Geography Quest.

Blog, She Wrote: Free Geography Quest Printable

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Take a moment to subscribe to Blog, She Wrote. I’m looking forward to beginning a mini- newsletter format and I’m excited to see where it goes. If you subscribe today, you’ll find this Geography Quest printable at the bottom of your first email! Will you join me? What are some advantages of subscribing?

  • You’ll never miss a post if you can’t browse and click by
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