Homeschooling High School by Design + Powerful Group Coaching

Homeschooling high school can be a lonely road. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted companion for at least some of the way? Homeschooling High School by Design + Powerful Group Coaching means being in community for some of the journey.

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Everyone Needs a Trusted Guide

Some of you may know that our oldest son is in recovery from years of chronic Lyme Disease.

I’ve heard from more than a few of you about your own teen’s battle with chronic illness. In fact, it’s stealing your homeschooling high school peace.

While I’m sorry that each of us has walked this road, I’m glad I can provide some help along the way based on how we approached the end of high school and beyond with our son.

Ethan enjoyed a successful first year of college after a two year delay!

Part of his success was due to his involvement with the disabilities resource center and his “access consultant”.

Her name is Rhonda.

Rhonda works for the disabilities resource center at the university and she works with students who need accommodations while studying there. She helps them to navigate any challenges with their academics and is a liaison, if necessary, between students and their professors.

Rhonda might help by:

  • answering questions
  • clarifying on rules
  • stepping in if a faculty member is over stepping bounds in place for students based on their needs
  • being a general advocate for a struggling student

Ethan is managing his circumstances like a rockstar, but now and then it’s nice to have Rhonda looking out for him.

We like to joke about how, “We all need a Rhonda in our lives”!

But, in all seriousness, isn’t it true?

Sometimes, we could all use a trusted guide and mentor.

And, that’s what I want to provide to my Homeschooling High School by Design students- an opportunity for me to be your trusted guide for this part of your homeschooling journey.

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Six Week Coaching Group Session

The group coaching session will be June 25-August 6, 2019.

That’s six weeks to give some summer grace and allow for Independence Day travel.

Group Coaching Details:

  • Twice weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly check ins and goals in the group
  • Questions answered by me daily in the group
  • Goal setting for your teens
  • Work through the course materials each week

We’ll be in community together for six weeks and during that time you will have access to me everyday with longer sessions and video calls twice a week.

I’m excited to get to know homeschooling high school families better and to have a format where I can provide tangible help for your high school journey!

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Get Your Questions Answered & Get Some One on One Help for Your High School Vision

It seems counter-intuitive, but in my own experience I received a lot of help one on one through group coaching.

I got to ask questions directly during group calls and get the answer first hand spoken to me!

You can ask questions you are seeking answers to like:

  • How do I break away from a conventional high school program and make sure I’m not missing important things?
  • How do I help her teen find his niche?
  • How do I find ways to nurture my teen’s interests?
  • How do I homeschool in a project based way and still hit the requirements?
  • How much is too much time on project areas?
  • How do I create a custom project based course for credit?
  • How do I create an appropriate transcript from the work my teen is doing?
  • How do I know what credits my teen needs to earn?
  • How do I get resources for a project based class for my high schooler?
  • How do I overcome the struggle I have with not checking boxes the way I think it should be done?
  • What do I do with my teen who is not motivated?
  • How can I provide the high school level resources if I don’t feel like I have it all together?
  • How can I homeschool my teen who is sick all the time?

These are actual questions I’ve received from readers and some of them I hear often.

Do you have a question you’d like to ask me,

and get answered in person along with others over the course of six weeks?

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Group Coaching Stimulates Action & Confidence

I recently finished a group coaching session for a course I was taking.

Actually, I’d taken the course before and chose to go through it again, this time with the group coaching.

I’m a pretty independent person and a self-paced course suits me well, but I took the plunge because I wanted more guidance with the course material.

It was the best decision!

Here are some of benefit highlights from my own experience:

  • Tight timeline– meant I had to focus instead of letting the learning wait until the next day or the next…
  • External accountability– to get working and keep going on material so I could meet my goals for taking the course in the first place
  • Coaching from the instructor– the person I’d purchased the course from who I trust and want to learn from
  • Shared progress– within the group, I shared my progress so I could get feedback from the instructor and the community
  • Community & a cohort– with others who were following the same path, working together and offering ideas from their experience which was often helpful because of the varied perspectives
  • Specific feedback– from the instructor on my own work through both the twice weekly video calls and in the online group format

I’m on a mission to help families to homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

The group coaching session is a way for me to do that using the framework of the Homeschooling High School by Design course.

What Does It Take to Homeschool High School with Peace & Confidence?

This week I have a few questions for you to think about:

  • What does homeschooling with peace look like for you?
  • What are things about your homeschool you don’t find peaceful?
  • Have you ever undertaken something difficult and benefited from having someone you trust to help out along the way?
  • Would you enjoy a group of homeschoolers with similar goals to join you in planning for or improving your homeschooling high school experience?

Leave a comment or email at [email protected] and tell me about what makes a peaceful homeschool for you and anything else you want to share with me.

One of my favorite things is to hear back from you all!

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