History Quest: President Garfield Edition

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History Quest: President Garfield Edition

Welcome to History Quest where our ninth grader, Rebecca puts together an exploration in history for you and I prepare it for the blog. Join us this week for History Quest: President Garfield Edition.

Who Was James Garfield?

Let’s find out more about this man who would become a President of the United States.

  • When and where was he born?
  • Tell about his education.
  • What career did he have before he became president?
  • This career gives him a special distinction among presidents which still stands today. Can you find out what that is?
  • Research Garfield’s involvement in the Civil War.
  • How old was he when he was given the honor of a high rank in the Army?

About Garfield’s Presidency

Anyone else a presidential buff? Our 11th grader loves all things Presidential and he spent a lot of time when he was younger, learning all about them. What do we know about Garfield’s presidency?

  • Which President preceded Garfield?
  • Who served as President after him?
  • How long was Garfield President?
  • What Years did He Serve as President?
  • What number President was he?
  • Which President had a term shorter than Garfield’s?
  • What was he known for as President?
  • Based on what you’ve read about his political career, do you think he would have made a good president had he been able to finish his term? Be prepared to explain your answer in a discussion.

Other Notable Facts about President Garfield

We don’t know much about Garfield as President, but there are some things about him you may not know.

  • He had special skills as an orator. What famous court case sealed this reputation?
  • After college, he went to work as a professor. How long did it take for him to become president of the college?
  • He was also a mathematician. What was his contribution to mathematics which was published in the New England Journal of Education?

Do you have any Presidential buffs in your home? It can be fun to explore other Presidents.

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  1. Thanks for the questions about President Garfield. I have to admit to not knowing much about him and I am excited to find out more as I explore with my kids. That is one of my favorite things about homeschooling – that I get to learn fascinating things all the time right along with them – and usually it’s my kids saying, “Guess what I learned, Whales like to have their tongues rubbed – and they will purr.” Who knew? Lovin your blog – Thanks!

    1. Thank you Sarah- Thanks for reading! Enjoy your exploration of that little known president.

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