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If you are homeschooling high school with a college bound teen, then chances are you’ll be coaching them to prepare for college entrance exams. Although the landscape of college testing is changing, the jury is still out on how this affects your homeschooled teen, especially if the school they are applying to is test optional. Get Test Confident with Self-Paced Online ACT Prep is all about what Mr. D’s boot camp is like and how our college students benefited from taking the course.

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Disclaimer: I was given access to Mr. D math ACT Bootcamp and I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

The Mr. D Math ACT Bootcamp is an online live or self-paced six week program to help your teen to get familiar with the math portion of the ACT and to learn some strategies for approaching the problems efficiently.

What’s Included with Mr. D’s ACT Bootcamp?

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When you sign up for Mr. D’s ACT Bootcamp, your student will get a log in to the dashboard and this is what you’ll find inside:

  • Bootcamp Recordings & Practice Sessions– with the practice tests and video explanations
  • Games for Practice– to get more familiar with the expectations of the test
  • Mr. D SAT Video Library– for prep for the SAT
  • SAT/ACT/PERT– more practice
  • Mr. D Supplemental videos for the ACT– for further help and explanation
  • EOC Practice– for the other sections of the ACT besides math
  • Writing Tips & Samples– for the essay questions
  • Mind Benders & Deductive Thinking– for practice on the types of thinking and questions for the exams

If you purchase the self-paced version of the Bootcamp, you’ll get prep materials for both exams.

And there is plenty of instruction included for both.

Benefits of Experiencing the ACT Bootcamp

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Although bootcamp makes the course sound intense, it’s really just referring to a short and focused six week class to prepare your student for the math section of the ACT.

So, why enroll your teen in the bootcamp?

  • Exposes your teen to the expectations of the math section on the ACT
  • Learn strategies for test taking
  • Practice recognition of math strategies for various types of math problems
  • Receive instruction on the problem solving techniques on the practice tests
  • Work though math test practice with a trusted guide

Why Choose the Self-Paced Section of the ACT Bootcamp?

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The ACT bootcamp is offered in both a synchronous (live) and asynchronoous (self-paced) format. If you could choose live sessions for the course, what are some good reasons for going with the self-paced version?

  • Work at your own pace
  • Enjoy the benefit of Mr. D’s instruction and guidance without being there live
  • Take the course when you can instead of carving out a specific time for class (which is nice because my older kids had to take it during the dinner hour)
  • Gives you the opportunity to weave test practice into your test prep and math routine rather than the exact bootcamp schedule
  • Suited well for Out of the Box, sick, and neurodivergent teens who have off days and can’t be “on” on demand.

Was the ACT Bootcamp Worth It?

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The short answer is yes!

The long answer:

  • Our first graduate is a test taking rock star with an unbroken record (as a senior in college)- so the bootcamp served to help him to focus after a long illness and his prep was minimal because that’s how he rolls.
  • Our second graduate was nervous about the exam- and the bootcamp hands down helped her to calm down. She credits this course with allaying her fears about this test. Win!
  • Our third graduate had his junior and senior year during the pandemic- and made a wise decision not to take the exam at all.
  • Our fourth graduate will take the exam sometime in the next year- pending when he graduates based on significant neurodivergence. Do you know about homeschooling a 5th year of high school?

So far, our testing graduates have only taken the ACT once each and that was enough to meet their goals (of a very large scholarship for the first and an Ivy League admission for the second).

Mr. D’s ACT Bootcamp is not the only way to prepare for the ACT, but it is an affordable opportunity if you feel like your teen could use a more structured approach to studying for the exam.

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