How to Save on Homeschool Art Instruction

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I’ve been officially homeschooling for fourteen years.

Unofficially for twenty.

Art has always been a part of our family culture.

Maker culture is one of the things that defines our family and homeschool.

We’ve used many art and handicraft resources over the years.

Have you noticed?

We live in an unprecedented time for art instruction and crafting.

Instruction is everywhere.

In person

and on the internet.

Subscription options abound.

There has been no better time to increase your skills and immerse yourself in learning.

My childhood was filled with bins of crayons,

regular supplies of markers,

the occasional paint set,

and piles of paper.

My adulthood has been filled with paper crafting,




and lots of mixed media moments.

What is your art environment filled with?

Art Instruction from Masterpiece Society

One of our resources of choice is Masterpiece Society.

Alisha Gratehouse has been a part of our homeschool for five years.

We have learned so much from her mixed media courses

and master classes.

She offers a subscription membership.

What can you expect from a Masterpiece Society Studio?

  • Mixed Media Art Courses– those already published and those to come. And if you are already own the course, they are all located in one spot within the membership site! This is lovely for those of who are frequent users of the course lessons.
  • Art School I– Drawing 101 for all ages
  • Art Coloring Pages– for preschoolers. Now even the youngest members of your family can find something special for themselves. These are hand drawn pieces of art that go with the works of the masters.
  • Step by Step Drawings– for grades K through 2. These are individual simple drawing lesson videos your primary student can follow on their own.
  • Art School– full courses in drawing, watercolor, acrylics & oils, and pastels
  • Seasonal Art– project for any time of the year and for the lesser holidays and the geeky ones!
  • Masterpiece Moms– Monthly art projects for moms!
  • Coloring Pages for Preschoolers– something for your youngest artists
  • Unlimited Access– to all of the mixed media art courses and other art instructional courses
  • Vanishing Resources– a rotating section which will have items not included with membership usually, such as art appreciation and Art Era unit studies
  • Easy Dashboard– Each course is found there and you can navigate between lessons easily

Alisha’s lessons have been a part of our homeschooling art for a long time.

We feel like we’ve gotten to know her.

And the fact that she likes Mod Podge.

Really likes Mod Podge.

Benefits of Online Art Subscriptions

There are many options for art both in and out of your home.

Why choose an online subscription?

Let me count the ways.

  • Less Expensive– online formatting is often less costly than local art classes
  • Fits Your Schedule– as long as they are not live classes taught remotely, you can choose when and where to do your art class each week.
  • Work at Your Own Pace– you can go as fast or as slow as you need to with online art classes.
  • Save Time for Art– rather than driving to and from art classes. Online classes are a time saver where time counts.
  • Choose the Lessons that Build on Your Skills– rather than following someone else’s scope and sequence for your art. You can pick up where you need to and go from there.
  • Travel with Your Lessons– Mobile options mean you can take your art show on the road and work in a local coffee shop or at the library or while you are in a long wait at the dr’s office.
  • Work with Multiple Ages– with the same cost for courses whether it’s a subscription or just one class.

A commitment to this type of program is flexible.

It fits your family’s needs.

And all skill levels.

At once.

How to Save on Art Instruction

How to Save on Homeschool Art Instruction
Laughter because he’s wearing the same shirt in a blog picture- again!

The good news is that Masterpiece Society is affordable.

So much art in one place.

At a lovely price.

New Art Teachers at Masterpiece Society

teen girl in a pirate costume she made with a stack of books in her lap
Rebecca in her original design 17th century pirate costume- she loves teaching art and sewing!

Masterpiece Society has hired more art teachers to bring more to the studio!

Our college design student is a new art instructor inside the Masterpiece Society.

You can expect Rebecca to share project for the geeky holidays.

She’s working on things like:

  • Pi Day- her debut project in 2019
  • First Contact Day
  • Frodo’s Birthday

Masterpiece Society has it all.

Formal art lessons,

fun art lessons,quirky art lessons.

More Art at Blog, She Wrote

Creativity is a big part of our homeschool.

In the form of art,


and making.

Tools for the Watercolor Artist– A list of some of our favorite tools. In fact, since I’ve been doing more of my own watercolor art, I might need to add a few more to the list!

Scheduling Time for Creative Pursuits– How do you make sure your creative students has time for being creative, especially in high school? These are some tips we learned along the way to a balanced schedule.

Mixed Media Fun for Homeschool Art– More on the individual courses found at Masterpiece Society

How to Mix Words with Art– Adding poetry and word play to your mixed media art experiences, including Masterpiece Society courses.

Art with the Masters Online Class– Learn about volume 1 of Mixing with the Masters. We enjoyed this class so much!

Stewarding a Masterpiece through Art– a class for women at Masterpiece Society which includes a Bible study. This class is not included in the subscription. However, you can use the code BSW25 to receive 25% off this course or any other product in the store.

Art is a tough go for parents who don’t like it.

Especially when you have a child who loves it!

Masterpiece Society Studio is





Masterpiece Society Studio

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