Mixed Media Fun for Homeschool Art

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Blog, She Wrote: Winter Wonderland Mixed Media ClassThis post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

What’s happening for art in your homeschool? How are things coming together for school between Thanksgiving & Christmas? We are so excited to see another mixed media class from Alisha at Flourish. We did the first course on Fall Mixed Media and it was delightful. Enjoy some Mixed Media Fun for Homeschool Art with Winter Wonderland Mixed Media this holiday season.

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Our High School Art Goals

Rebecca had some pretty clear ideas of what she wanted to see in her art program as she started high school. She will have four years of art instruction which we design by using lots of resources. We’ve enjoyed choosing the resources which help her to meet her goals. What are her goals?

  • receive art instruction
  • learn on her own with resources
  • try new techniques- continue to press the envelope on learning new things in art
  • practice techniques
  • have fun

The resources we have planned for this year I listed in September in a post on Plans for High School Art.

Blog, She Wrote: Mixed Media Fun for Homeschool Art

Reasons We Love the Mixed Media Video Courses

Both of us had a great time with the Fall Mixed Media class. Here are a few things:

  • Fun for Everyone– I had a great time joining in on some of the projects with Rebecca. She adored the time I spent and I found it to be very therapeutic!
  • Easy to Follow– The projects are explained well and the videos make them easy to try on your own.
  • Video Instruction– There’s no live class to fool with. You just watch the videos on your own time. You can pause and repeat anything you need to see more than once.
  • Mobile Devices– We accessed the videos from our Kindles which meant we could go anywhere and have class.
  • Fabulous Process– It was just plain fun! We had a great time working together and trying new art ideas.
  • Results– Were excellent and make lovely display pieces

Blog, She Wrote: Mixed Media Fun for Homeschool Art

The price for this class is $36 through November 30th. On December 1, 2014, the price returns to the regular price of $48.

You can access the course for a year after signing up, so don’t feel like you have to get everything in this season. You can get a head start for next year.

Join us for this new installment of mixed media art! We can’t wait for our first email on Monday, December 1st.


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