Are You Ready to Homeschool High School with Peace and Confidence?

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It’s time to get ready for homeschooling high school. Are you ready to homeschool high school with peace and confidence? Let’s get started!

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Do you ever have a project going that you are super excited about?

Maybe you’ve got a teen in your house who is over the moon about something he or she is working on? That’s how it is at my house on any given day!

And, that’s how I feel these days putting together something new for homeschooling high school families!

My desk is full of piles of notes and ideas along with a plan of action.

While I’m working behind the scenes, let’s talk about how you all are doing!

What Homeschooling High School Families Want Most

Are You Ready to Homeschool High School with Peace and Confidence- a teen boy writing in a notebook

As I talk with families homeschooling high school, one big message I hear is they lack confidence.

Most parents are excited about the adventure on one hand and super nervous on the other.

What they want is to homeschool high school with peace and confidence!

Listen, you are not alone. I want that too! And, I know it’s not easy to come by.

You have to be intentional.

And, that’s why I’m so excited about my new project!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

It’s going to help me to help you even more.

One of my favorite things in all the world is to mentor other mentors!

Stay tuned and hop on my subscriber list below because in a few days I’ll be ready to announce all the details!

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How’s Your Confidence Level?

Let’s talk about how you are doing with getting ready for or teaching high school?

Some of us adore teaching high schoolers!

Others of us feel a heavy weight of responsibility that overshadows our joy

or we live with a constant fear that we are leaving something out or something is going wrong.

It’s important to evaluate where we are, so we can address our needs and step boldly into the teen years of homeschooling!

So, where are you on the confidence scale?

  • If you could rate your homeschooling high school confidence level on a scale of 1-10, where are you right now? 1 is I’m pretty nervous and I’m not sure where to start and 10 is rockstar material. You’ve got this and it’s smooth sailing!
  • What do you consider your strengths in homeschooling your high schoolers?
  • What do you struggle with as a homeschooling mom of high schoolers?
  • If you could sit with me over your favorite beverage (I’ll be having an ice cold Coke!) for an hour and ask me anything, what would it be?

I would love to hear your answers!

So, feel free to comment or email me at [email protected] and tell me any or all of your thoughts on the challenge.

Homeschool High School with Peace & Confidence

Our 8th grader who’s already started his high school credit hours. He’s a pretty confident kid!

I’m on a mission to help parents of Out-of-the-Box Teens to homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

The way you respond to how your Out-of-the-Box Teen approaches the world might be holding them back.

Bust some myths about working with unique teens and be part of the process that helps your teen to soar!

Sign up and grab this free guide, so you can turn what you think are learning obstacles when homeschooling high school, into learning opportunities instead!

Sign up and get on the list so you are in the know when this new venture is released!

This tangible way to come alongside homeschooling high school families is going to be amazing!

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  1. My biggest fear is homeschooling my freshman son. He has chronic regional pain syndrome that started with a tick bite, and I couldn’t begin to describe the hellacious challenge that has been school over the last two years. He lives with unending high pain and the health issues that come with it. But despite that he has stayed on track with math and English. Science and history though have been practically non existent as we’ve merely been surviving these last years. He is such a bright kid but when the pain is high we maybe are able to get in 15 min a day. When he is lucid we pound out school work. Our goal is dual enrollment in community college when he hits 16, but I am so fearful of committing to anything because his health is so day by day. My fear is homeschooling an almost physically handicapped child. I don’t even know how to plan anymore.

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