How to Homeschool High School Your Way

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Homeschooling High School Your Way- a teen preparing to launch a large model rocket

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Homeschooling High School is a big deal.

It requires vision.

From both you and your teen.

Many parents I talk to express worry.

Will we do it right?

Will we do enough?

Will my high schooler succeed

if we don’t follow all the conventions?

Homeschooling High School Your Way approaches these questions.

Do you feel ready to take on homeschooling high school?

I’m here to help!

Homeschooling High School the Way You’ve Always Envisioned

Homeschooling High School Your Way 2- a teen standing next to a child sized dress form modeling a piece from her fashion portfolio
a finished piece for this senior’s apparel design portfolio- allowing her studio time in high school is helpful in design school

The most important message for homeschooling high school is

you can create the high school you and your teen want at home.

You can meet high school benchmarks for college in unique ways.

  • Customize a high school program for your teen.
  • Develop interests and talents during the high school years.
  • Approach typical subjects in atypical ways.
  • Schedule course work in a way well suited to your high schooler.

We have successfully homeschooled two teens to graduation
and into programs of their choice
based on interests and talents that they refined
during high school
in unique ways.
You can too!

Homeschooling High School for YOUR Student

How to Homeschool High School Your Way 3- 9th grader putting together the wheel of a Tetrix robot
Our then 9th grader putting together the wheel for a robotics project

Work with your teen where they are

and coach them to success using a custom high school program

you create.

You can teach and mentor teens who are:

  • average
  • gifted
  • unfocused
  • unmotivated
  • struggling
  • sick
  • creative

Leave doors open

and complete college prep

the way your student requires.

Help your student to thrive with the opportunities you provide.

Try out the Transcript Worksheet

Homeschooling High School with a Four Year Plan

One of the biggest mistakes parents make,

is waiting too long to make the transcript.

The key is keeping track along the way,

even if your student takes some turns (which is ok!).

Subscribe below, if you’d like to try out the Transcript Worksheet

and receive an introductory lesson from Homeschooling High School by Design

on record keeping in high school.

Discount to Homeschooling High School by Design

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That’s 16 lessons with planning forms to help you plan as you take the course.

Lessons inside Homeschooling High School by Design

are formatted with:

  • Lesson Goals– at the start of every lesson module so you know exactly what is on tap for that session and it’s materials
  • Instructional Materials– with video and/or text to teach you the lesson
  • Additional Reading on the Topic– either from me or other related professional sources
  • Homework– an assignment to complete the exercise and apply it to your homeschool
  • Planning Forms & Note Pages– if they are applicable to the lesson to help you complete the lesson assignment and build a framework to get started or retool  your high school program

Prepare to start the New Year with new plans

whether you are already homeschooling high school or

you anticipate starting soon.

Homeschooling High School by Design is written to equip you as a homeschooling high school parent.

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