How to Incorporate Technology into Your Homeschool

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How to Incorporate Technology into Your Homeschool

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It’s probably no secret that we have a pretty tech savvy household. My husband is a self-proclaimed techy and has been at since the 80s. While I consider myself a savvy tech user, my knowledge is more user based than behind the scenes, though I’ve learned a lot over the years. In a technology driven world, we aim to help our students become informed technology users. How to Incorporate Technology into Your Homeschool is a round up of the many ideas and posts that we’ve shared here at Blog, She Wrote. And, don’t worry. There’s more to come!

Managing Technology in Your Homeschool

No matter what tools you choose for your technology, you have to prepare to maintain them. Not only do you want to do back ups of computers and do the physical maintenance like vacuuming them out and removing the dust, but you’ll want to keep track of what’s happening with your kids as they use any device.

Managing the Internet in Your Home

  • Essential Elements of a Home Learning Environment– Here you will see what kinds of computers and personal devices we maintain in our home for homeschooling and beyond.
  • Managing the Internet in Your Home– Chances are the technology you choose may involve the Internet. This series of posts by my husband teaches how to set up access restrictions for wi-fi devices of all kinds (except phones) and how to filter content at the router level using Open DNS.
  • Five Pieces of Technology Our Homeschool Couldn’t Live Without– Perhaps a bit dramatic, but these are the must haves, many of which are listed below. These are the bottom line at our house for making sure we maintain. You’ll see how we use these important tools in our everyday learning.

Helpful Homeschool Technology Tools

Technology can simplify and enhance many aspects of our homeschool. I’ve included a list of the things that have been useful to us. Many cover a wide variety of subject areas.

How to Use Google Earth in Your Homeschool

Using an eReader or Tablet in Your Homeschool

I’m a big fan of the Kindle Fire. Many families own an iPad or another tablet. If you haven’t entered the world of tablets, then the Kindle Fire is an economical way to take the plunge. Below are some posts about the features of both the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Paperwhite which is an e-ink reader.

Using Technology with STEM Activities

I suppose it goes without saying that technology would be included with STEM. Here are ways we accomplish our technology goals. I’m always adding new posts as I have time to write about the educational technology adventures our kids seek.

What are your favorite ways to use technology in your homeschool?

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