Podcast: A Project is Worth a Thousand Worksheets



I’m excited to share with you a recent podcast from Pam Barnhill over at Ed Snapshots. She interviewed me earlier in the summer and it is always a delightful time. In the spring, I did a podcast on Unit Studies with her and this time the topic was Project Based Learning.

Listen to the Project Based Learning Podcast

During the interview I explain how project based learning works in our home and how we capitalize on interests. You’ll hear about:

  • Favorite books
  • Resources we love
  • Some successful project based courses
  • A little bit more about how we started homeschooling almost 11 years ago
  • How we incorporate authentic moments into our homeschool

How to Listen in on A Project is Worth a Thousand Worksheets

Just pop on over to Episode 19 at Ed Snapshots and you find directions. She has a few options for you.

  • Stream the podcast right from her website.
  • Download it from the site to listen on a device.
  • Get it from iTunes or Stitcher to listen on a mobile device.

Pam has two series of podcasts you might be interested in. One on The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods and The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast. These are just 20-30 minutes long and she has so many relevant topics for us.

Join us over at A Project is Worth a Thousand Worksheets!

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