Investing in Moments that Matter


I don’t know about all of you, but the weather in upstate NY this March has been amazing. I’m considering that March came in like a lion due to rain and thunder on the 29th that led to snow the next day. So, I’m expecting it to leave like a lamb for sure, but to think the entire middle of the month could be a lamb too? What a gift!

Needless to say, we are all hit with spring fever….about two months early. R11 had some of her dolls out yesterday for a photo shoot in the yard. She had asked me if it was ok to do some blogging about their adventures if she could do the post as her writing assignment for the day. Given that I’m trying to get R11 to make friends with her blog, of course I said yes. Besides, who can resist dolls out for an afternoon?

Inspired by this doll blog, we tried a new hair do on Felicity.

She also changed from her wool riding outfit to her spring pinner apron dress.
Tools for the trade…according to the book, orthodontic rubber bands are just right. I9 to the rescue! He was more than happy to donate his.

A while ago R11 received the doll hair kit as a gift.

After writing her blog post, she let me help her edit it. You can see the final result in the photo shoot link above.
Well uh…sure I can try that one. Who needs the DVD when you can read the manual?

Samantha is in progress here…face mask rubber bands working excellently…

The finished pony tail veil…did I miss my calling or WHAT?

Addy’s hair needed some attention so I carefully combed it and re-did her big braid. It’s pretty close…

I can’t tell you how delighted R11 was that I spent time with her yesterday and today playing dolls and helping her fix a few up-dos. I’m pretty excited she did some cute doll blogging with some writing. What a therapeutic time for both of us investing in our relationship and it was cool that her brothers got to help out here and there. Some seasons at our house are busier than others, but I am thankful for the time we have to savor small moments.

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