E13 is having an interesting year at homeschool co-op. This semester he is taking Arabic which is offered by a former homeschooler who just graduated from college and is back home. By all accounts she is doing a fantastic job and I’m sure the kids will learn a lot.

He works on assignment each week using a DVD and pronunciation guide and there’s written homework. Typically, our co-op is not too hardcore, but it’s fun to see this little class get plenty of exposure.

Of course Arabic is read right to left and the book is bound the same way.

He has one unit per week and there are ten sessions- just enough to finish the entire book.

It’s been a nice tie in with E13’s WinterPromise work on the early church and the Middle Ages. We’ve been reading in Mystery of History about the influence of the Arab world on Spain and the rest of Europe and Arabic was spoken widely because of its ease of use apparently.

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  1. That is cool! I learned a little Arabic and a lot of Persian when I was in college. I think he will enjoy the writing part. maa alsalama

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