Math Minute {Practicing Place Value}

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Two things coincided to make me buy Monopoly Millionaire recently…first, lots of moms were talking about playing it with their homeschooled kids because it must have been a hot game this Christmas. Secondly, I10 was having trouble with place value in large numbers.

So, I thought…why not try to play and we can talk about numbers in the hundreds of thousands with zeros all over the middle! That will help.

I have several Monopoly purists in the house, but this is a quick game to play and fits the bill for practicing with large numbers.

We’ve been working with place value in long division problems and that throws my fifth grader for a loop sometimes…the quotient with the zeroes in the middle. You know the ones.

Here are a few other resources for place value fun:

Interactive Math Journal– this is a nice little notebooking packet for math journaling. She has some place value activities in here.

Family Math– has several games involving place value and estimating, money, and digit value

Math on the Level– Money & Decimals Manual has a lot of ideas for teaching students large number place value.

Do you have any ideas for teaching large number place value? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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