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I’m sure many of you all, like us, have taken this week off from homeschooling. We started our break last Monday and it will continue through to this coming Monday. We have also traveled to see our families so we are in full vacation mode. I’m hoping we’ll be ready to begin with a fresh start after a two week break!
I’m also working on some math plans for our fresh start. I need to plan some new math adventures for us as a family. We have been working through some concepts on measurement so I’d like to plan more activities with those concepts using various resources. 
Our kids love pattern blocks- this was something R10 and J5 worked on together.
E12 will be starting Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology very soon and I’ve been reading ahead in that book. I’m anxious to do some good old fashioned biology with him at the same time and how I’ll work out that life science focus in the rest of our unit study homeschooling environment. I’m also excited to use the advanced tile set with him for our Equate game. We’ll see how that goes…equations with exponents!
I8 will be memorizing multiplication facts and R10 will be working on improving her speed in regard to computations. I8 also received the younger student Math Dice so we can work on more mental math with him without the sums going so high.
I’d like to do some Family Math activities from the various level books I have and to redo my Math on the Level excel chart which somehow I did not save correctly. This gem of a form schedules out the 5-a-Days for my kids based on what concepts I mark they need to review. Very handy!
When I finish some of these thoughts, I’ll report in again- I brought a stack of math books and resources with me and I’m hopeful I can etch out some planning time. Until then we are still vacationing which does not afford me much blogging time. I hope you all have been enjoying your families as well!
Do you have any math goals for your fresh start this new year? Leave a comment and share them with us!

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  1. Hi Heather, sounds like great planning. My math goals are simply to institute MORE hands-on math activities (kids have progressed very well through MUS, but we need more FUN!)… we have so many good games. Speaking of planning, that is my biggest challenge – I have closets of cool materials but often feel overwhelmed and they never hit the floor. Any posts you do discussing how you give feet to your wonderfully eclectic vision would be appreciated. (ie., how far do you plan in advance? does each kid get an individual daily schedule? or do you 'wing it'?)Thanks Heather… great inspiration.Jenn

  2. Heather, just went back and read all of your posts on planning… so helpful. I think you already answered some of my prior questions. Thanks again,Jenn

  3. My biggest change that I'd like to do in math at this point is to play more games, maybe figure out a way somehow to make it more real life. I don't know how to do that… but that's what I'd like to try.

  4. I have been a lurker on your blog for years. My son performed below grade level on the SAT last yr (2nd grade), and I so want to "break out of the box" and do fun math things with my kiddos. But I can't seem to get over the mental block that I HAVE to try to get him "caught up" to what I know other kids at regular school are doing and that I HAVE to finish the text book by May. I know I need to do some reflecting on the real reasons for homeschooling. Thank you for your [email protected]

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