Pioneer Living- Hunting Bag


I8 has been taking a Pioneer Living class at our homeschool co-op this semester. He adores this class! They have learned to start fires, cook things over a fire, dry apples, work with wood, etc. Early on I8 enthusiastically took on making a hunting bag.

He’d been dying to use a sewing machine and now it’s finished! He brought it home yesterday…he finished the hard work reportedly giving up more “fire” lessons/bowl making to complete his project.

Nice bag I8!

What can’t this bag do? Right now it’s full of hiking materials- binoculars and a compass and a trail map. But it makes a perfect Indiana Jones satchel as well!

This morning as I came walking down the hallway I was greeted by a hunter and tracker trying to move stealthily across the room without being seen by enemies…

I need to be more careful around the house…didn’t realize the dangers afoot!

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