The Big List of Popular Plant Journal Ideas

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No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time for Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers! It’s one of our favorite topics and one of the most popular here on the blog. The Big List of Popular Plant Journal Ideas will inspire you in all the ways you can keep a plant journal. Whether you are growing your own plants or you want to observe wild plants in their native habitats, there’s a journal just waiting to be kept!

The Big List of Popular Plant Journal Ideas- open plant journal with a tamarack pine drawn in it

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This post is all about the kinds of plant journals you can keep.

If you are like me, you have kids that are keepers by nature and some that are … not.

That’s ok!

Find the short or long term plant journal that fits your students.

Maybe it’s a simple biology assignment.

Perhaps a journal will feed a long stewarded passion.

Whatever the reason you are looking for Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers, enjoy these ideas!

Plant Journals for Things You Grow

The Big List of Popular Plant Journal Ideas- Fern drawing in a journal with field guides

Even if you’ve never grown anything before, chances are you might be trying it this season.

You don’t have to think big. In fact, I encourage you to think small.

Anyone can plant a garden. Maintaining it is another thing entirely!

Here are some ideas for small garden areas (or big ones) and container gardens which are more my speed.

  • Herb Garden Journal– I had my first herb garden in college which I started in my parent’s backyard. My purpose was to dry the flowers for wreaths. It was awesome.
  • House Plant Journal– Maybe you are in indoor gardener. Keep track of your house plants this way. If you get the plant pages eBook below, there is a house plant journal page in it complete with a habit tracker.
  • Vegetable Garden Journal– Classic. Which vegetables are your favorite?
  • Flower Garden Journal– Planting flowers is always a favorite. You can plant all kinds of colors and enjoy phases of bloom all summer long.
  • Pizza Garden Journal– plant the ingredients to make great pizza like oregano, tomatoes, and basil!
  • Salsa Garden Journal– plant species that help you to make salsa like cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
  • Sunflower Garden Journal– it’s fun to plant a variety of sunflowers in a garden together and make an entrance to a secret space inside.
  • Butterfly Garden Journal– Plant species that attract butterflies. It’s fun to see them visit your garden. Pay special attention to what kind of butterflies you want to see and plant those plants.
  • Deer Resistant Plant Journal– Do you live in company with deer? Learn about what plants they don’t like that could thrive in your yard.
  • Fairy Garden Journal– In our Fairy Garden Workshop, we have a set of journaling pages to help you to journal about your design, make plans, create your miniature garden, and care for your plants.

Plant Journals for Wild Habitats

The Big List of Popular Plant Journal Ideas- a hand holding a violet

At our house, we love to journal about wild places.

There is so much to explore this way.

Journaling wild habitats doesn’t require an exotic location.

Check out these ideas!

  • Tree Leaf Journal– there is a collections page in the Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers and you can make your own.
  • Spring Wildflower Journal– my favorite time of year to be on a wildflower hunt. Vernal pools and new flowers after winter are the best.
  • Seasonal Tree Journal– follow one tree throughout the year and journal the changes you see. You could even do several tree species.
  • Plant Habitat Journal– observe and journal a specific habitat like fens, bogs, meadows, forests, etc.
  • Weed Plant Journal– weeds are interesting plants and they are persistent!
  • Understory Trees Journal– the unsung heroes of the forest are a fun group to study
  • Backyard Plants Journal– how about journaling what’s out your backdoor. There are so many plants you see everyday, but have you taken a close look? So much variety in a small place.
  • Poisonous Plants Journal– what’s not to love? Learn about poisonous plants in your neighborhood and around the world

More on Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers

Book Binding the Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers- journal on a wood surface with drawing tools

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Join Our Fairy Garden Workshop

Fairy Garden Workshop: collage of fairy gardens and notebooking pages

Our Fairy Garden Workshop is one of my favorite plant science resources for families!

This is 100% horticultural enchantment and not just for the young!

Inside the $37 workshop you’ll get:

  • Video demonstrations and instruction– on how to design, plant, and care for your miniature garden
  • Journaling Pages– so you can plan and care for your garden and record your progress
  • Instruction on philosophy– the principles of design are discussed so you can make a lovely Fairy Garden design
  • Planting & care tips– for planting and transplanting miniature plants
  • Plant compatibility– so you know what plants get along near one another and which ones don’t. This is important for container gardens especially!
  • Fairy Lore– because a workshop on Fairy Gardens is not complete without it

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