Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers

Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers is a gathering place for activities and journaling ideas for studying plants at any level of homeschooling. Subscribe below to download our Plant Journaling Pages for Homeschoolers eBook which has over fifteen journaling pages to use in two formats.

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There are all sorts of ways to journal about plants and we’re adding to our resources all the time.

So, check back here frequently for more ideas!

Resources on Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers

How to Make a Plant Journal:pages of a journal with colorful plant notes and drawings

These are posts with information on putting together plant journals. I’ll be adding to this section regularly, so stay tuned! Many of them will use the Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers eBook.

Making Hand Bound Plant Journals

Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers- Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers an open journal on a field guide with pencils next to it
A hand bound book journal made from the Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers

We love to make hand bound books. Book binding is one of our favorite things to do!

These posts are for you to learn various methods of book binding so you can make your own plant journals.

Fairy Garden Workshop & Journaling Pages

Fairy Garden Workshop: collage of fairy gardens and notebooking pages

Have you ever wanted to plant a Fairy Garden? We are delighted to teach a video workshop on enchanted horticulture through the preparation and planting of Fairy Gardens.

As part of the workshop, we’ve included Fairy Garden plant journaling for homeschoolers pages that help you to plan and take care of your miniature garden.

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More Resources for Nature Journaling

Inspiring Tools for a Nature Artist: journal and paints on a table top

We’ve got more resources for you to enjoy nature study:

  • Nature Journal Calendars– a year of seasonal nature study with downloadable calendars to help you record your observations, plus lots of activities and resources.
  • Inspiring Tools for a Nature Artist– some of our favorite nature journaling tools
  • Art & Nature Study with Beatrix Potter– one of my most popular posts on studying the life of Beatrix Potter along with her nature art and nature subjects.
  • Gardening Science– all the posts about teaching gardening through science. You’ll find some simple gardening plant journaling for homeschoolers pages here too.