Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers

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If you like to garden and study wild plants and habitats with your students and you want to document your exploring, Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers is a collection of opportunities for you. Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers is a 40 page eBook designed for you to download and use to record your plant studies.

Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers- a set of 40 pages pictures on a teal background

The pages in Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers are a great resource for botany studies of all kinds.

You’ll find out how to use them with your middle and high schoolers.

Reasons to Keep a Plant Journal

Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers is a way to document all sorts of things about working with plants. You can:

  • Keep a record of your garden work- keep a journal of the planting and progress of your garden from seed to harvest
  • Research plants- learn more about the plants you come across
  • Learn classification of plant species- by recording scientific names and understanding the relationships of various types of plants
  • Record the care of your plants- whether they are indoors or outdoors, in a garden, or part of your landscaping
  • Keep track of your house plants- they are not sustainable on their own, so what you do makes a difference to them
  • Catalog plants in your garden- remember what you’ve planted and how to care for those plants
  • Document the wild plants and habitats you encounter- to learn more about your local habitats.

Included Inside Plant Journal Pages for Homeschoolers

Plant Journaling Pages for Homeschoolers -open hand bound journal on a pile of plant books
Quarter sized pages in a hand bound journal

We’ve included many different kinds of journaling pages inside this 40 page eBook specifically for Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers.

The pages are divided into sections within the book and while they can be used by younger students, these pages are meant for middle and high school students to record a higher level of information on plants.

  • Wild Plant Page– which includes the context of the plant with a spot for sketching and research information
  • Habitat Page– these are for both local habitats like a particular stand of wood and for transect studies like “one small square”
  • Garden Page– for plant care details and research on the plants you choose for your garden
  • Garden Map Page– for garden planning and keeping track of what is planted where as you care for plants and prepare for harvest
  • Garden List Page– a place to index your planted species
  • House Plant Page– so you can journal about your house plants. These pages come with a bonus habit tracker. Never forget to water a house plant again!
  • 4-H Collection Page– a one sheet format in 8.5×11 so you can record information on leaf or plant collections to turn in to your 4-H Fair
  • 4-H Horticulture Contest Study Page– formatted to include all the information you need to know to correctly identify and have knowledge of plants for the National Horticulture contest (and its state level equivalents).
  • Quarter Page Format– each page in quarter size is doubled in the book so you can print them back to back and fold them into a small book. Yes! We do have a tutorial for how to do this.
  • Instructions– are included for how to use each of the pages
  • Example Pages– some pages have examples filled out so you get the idea of how they are to be used (though are are free to improvise, of course!)

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