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Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest

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Did you follow along with the treasure hunt from last week? First things first! Your answers from last week:

  • Vatican City
  • Mongolia
  • China
  • Italy
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Brazil

The country of focus this week is Brazil. I thought it would be fun to share a video with you. We had some camera trouble requiring lots of takes and I’m pretty sure this is not a flattering angle, but I think you’ll enjoy walking through this week’s challenge with me. Click in! Written directions are below as well, but I give details on the maps if you’d like to hear them.

Our Country of Focus is Brazil

Some talking points & activities for you and your students:

  • What continent is Brazil on?
  • What is the capital city?
  • Trace the border of Brazil on the map.
  • Name and label (if it’s not already on the map) the countries surrounding Brazil.
  • Locate the Amazon River and label it.
  • What is the population of Brazil? How is population distributed around the country?
  • What is the climate of Brazil?
  • Explore the physical map of Brazil- notice the climate and the topography. Use an atlas to see what industry is in the country. Tell about how the industry matches the climate.
  • Use Google Earth to explore the river. You can click on the points along the river and it will show you pictures of the region. This is fun to do and see what the river is like by getting the grand Google tour!

Blog She Wrote: Geography Quest Brazil

Exploring the Watershed of the Amazon River

A few ideas:

  • Define watershed- great opportunity if you haven’t introduced this concept to your kids.
  • Where does the Amazon River begin?
  • Where does the river end?
  • How many major rivers flow into the Amazon? Take a look at where those tributaries originate.
  • Talk about how watershed management can be tricky since different political entities are often involved with the various pieces of the watershed. This requires cooperation which can be hard to come by.
  • Compare the land area of the watershed with the total land area of the country.

Blog She Wrote: Geography Quest Brazil

Using maps for studying Brazil

I printed two maps for this activity. The first is a physical map which shows the topography and climate of the Brazil. I could have printed it in black and white, but I chose to add the color so it’s easier to see the physical features.

The other map is black and white and I layered the map with country borders, country names, rivers, and river names. With WonderMaps, I can choose how I want the map made based on what my kids are focusing on in our lesson or project. Since I wanted to target the watershed of the Amazon River, I wanted to highlight the rivers and their names only.

You can take this brief study of Brazil in any direction you’d like. Feel free to leave comments with ideas if there’s a geography themed item you want us to hit on while we are Questing together. If you haven’t signed up yet to follow by email, click through and you won’t miss a thing at Blog, She Wrote!

WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

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  1. Well we tried, and failed. Our answers were different. Do you have recommendations for resources that will have these answers? I love the idea so much, but I think we need to have a few good sources that will lead us to the answers. We tried google but there were several answers we could have used based on different data collection and such.

    1. Well…I admit the first one was tricky. Mongolia is the least dense country, but when my husband searched it was not the least dense territory. So, Google will probably work as long as you are careful.

      Ethan made this one up and he had some online quizzes fresh in his mind when he dictated these to me. I would say a current atlas would be a great place to start. I’ll also make sure we don’t go too crazy with obscurity!

      Thanks for giving it a go!

      1. We do have the atlas you recommended, along with one other. Maybe we need to spend some time figuring out how to you it well 🙂

        I did invest in Wondermaps and they are awesome! Parker has been bugging me to get some maps he can print and these will be great. We plan to print up some on Brazil once the toddler is asleep.

        Thanks so much for all you do here! I’ve been following along for years. The absolute best things I have picked up over the years are to stay home, invest in passions, and using loose leaf paper! These three things have made such a difference in not just our homeschool, but our life as a family 🙂

        1. Jocelyn,

          Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me this. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been encouraged!

          WonderMaps are so great. I held off for a long time and finally bought them this past spring. I thought I loved my other ones, but WonderMaps beats them all.

          Looking forward to another quest this week! I was working on it this afternoon.

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