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This is the gathering place for information on reading here at Blog, She Wrote. You’ll find information on reading instruction along with resources for building a reading culture in your home.

Creating a Reading Culture in Your Home

We all know reading is important, but how do we build it in to our family culture from a young age up through high school? This collection of posts focuses on building a print environment and taking advantage of it.

The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a Reading Culture in Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a Reading Culture in Your Home– This post is a gathering place for all the reading resources you can find from Blog, She Wrote and other sources. You’ll find books on books, tips, and ideas for making reading a priority in your home culture for newborns through high school age.

How to Organize Your Homeschool Library– Where will you store all these books you want your kids to read? Ideas for large and small spaces are in this post. You’ll read about how to keep the books organized and accessible for your kids.

How to Make the Most of Your Read Aloud Time– We know the benefits, but how do you make read aloud time work with kids of different ages and listening abilities?

100 Books You Should Read before You Turn 20– A book list made by our teens for teens and anyone else. This list is in response to the NPR list of 100 books which they felt left out some great books and included ones they did not enjoy or see as worth making such an important list!

How to Turn Emergent Readers into Super Readers

Mentoring Readers in Your Homeschool

Time for the nuts and bolts! These posts target working with your readers and helping them to engage with books.

How to Turn Emergent Readers into Super Readers– Parents often wonder what’s next after students have finished phonics or a similar beginning reading program. Read about what to do once your kids know the mechanics of reading but need to increase their fluency.

How to Keep Up with Your Accelerated Reader– Does your child read voraciously? Do you find yourself struggling to find them things to read that are appropriate for their age? This is a great resource post for you!

Summer Reading Challenge without The Carrot & The Stick– We all know about summer reading programs. Families want to keep kids reading throughout the summer. How do you encourage reading and engaging with books without taking on the reward systems that seem to go with reading programs. This is a challenge for all of us!

Resources for Reading

This is a collection of things we find helpful either for reading instruction or practice.

Reading Made Easy– This is the curriculum we used to teach reading. Our oldest learned solely by being read to and began to put sounds with the letters he saw on the page. Our other three kids learned with this program which is so easy to implement, intuitive to teach and learn, and is a pure pleasure.

How to Use a Kindle in Your Homeschool– Do you use tablets and eReaders in your schooling? Kindles make it easy to get reading material and listen to audio books. This tool is indispensable for us.