5 Science Curriculum Supplements for Your Homeschool


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I love science.

I love teaching science.

It’s my professional gig.

I also love science resources.

Really love them.

If you came to our house, you’d find shelves and shelves of science books and games and teaching materials.

But, in this age of technology, there are also many online resources for science. Everything from video sites to full courses.

All of them can fill in our instructional gaps or provide information in a new and relevant way.

Here’s a list of 5 available from the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op that I thought would benefit families of middle and high schoolers.

Science Subscription Sites

When it comes to teaching science, it can be difficult to keep up with the current trends and the most recent text book. Subscribing to websites which feature science and technology can help to close the gap.

It’s especially helpful to students who are looking at further education and careers in the science fields.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus not only offers full lengths videos but also video clips which offer assignments, writing prompts, lesson plans, and teacher guides for all of their topics.

The topics are organized and categorized to make it easy to set up your students with media rich learning.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to find supplements to your curriculum with all of the content here?

Uzinggo– an online math and science tutorial site which lets students work at their own pace so they can get help where they need it the most.

This site is a good fit if your student needs extra help or a new way of learning something.

It’s got good explainers and a multi-media approach to concepts that is appealing to teens.

We’ve had the opportunity to try Uzinggo. Click below if you’d like to see more details.

Discovery Education Science Tech Book– for grades 9-12. We enjoy online text books which are always up to date and offer differing media in their presentation.

When you make this purchase, you will receive access to all of the tech books covering: biology, chemistry, physics, and earth & space science.

There are in depth lesson plans, myth buster episodes, and other multi-media content for each concept.

I’m looking forward to trying this one out and as a co-op member, you’ll get 500 bonus points when you buy a year long subscription.

Science Curriculum & Supplements

Ocean First Education– Offers online marine science courses that bring the ocean to your home…minus the mess. Students can engage with issues facing our oceans today and participate in lab science through technology. The Homeschool Buyer’s Group Buy is 25% off the regular price for a year long membership.

I’ll tell you a secret….

This one is my favorite on the list.

Real Science 4 Kids– Introduces young children to realistic science principles in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and geology.

There are short texts and labs for each discipline. The group buy is 25% off. If you are looking to step up from backyard science, Real Science 4 Kids is a solid move.

Once upon a time, I reviewed a chemistry module for Curriculum Choice. You can see one of the labs demonstrated for you. As a science educator, one thing I enjoyed about this program was the lab exercises.

If you find homeschooling science to be intimidating, it’s nice to know there are tools to help you get the job done.

These tools are relevant.

They’re fun.

And their at your fingertips.









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