She’s Got Mad Sewing Skills

…or so her grandmother said of R8! So, when it came time to sign up for homeschool co-op this semester and I saw not one but TWO sewing classes on the list well -what else was I to do but sign her up for both?

R8 is in a beginner’s class called Patches and Pillows and a second class called Advanced Fancy Sewing (for grades 5 and up- R8 is in third grade). I know. It’s a dichotomy. But in my defense there was the report of her grandmother stating that this girl has talent. I went with it. Advanced Fancy Sewing translates to R8 gets to sew whatever. she. wants.

Co-op runs for ten weeks and began on September 15th. The first two projects are in!

In her beginner’s class they started with the requisite draw string bag. Who hasn’t made one of these? Back in the day they were denim and we got to decorate the outside doing embroidery with yarn.

In her advanced fancy sewing class her first project was a skirt. Gotta love R8. She really is my daughter. She insists on a modest length skirt because she is not into the high maintenance of a shorter skirt. She’s rather tall so she has set out to make herself a number of good length skirts.

So, I know you all are dying to know…was her grandmother right? Well actually yes. She was. R8 has a knack and I’m quite certain that if we fuel this fire she could really run with it. For an 8 yr old she really does have a nice even stitch and a good handle on using a sewing machine.

Her next project in patches and pillows is a pillow I believe. For her next fancy sewing project she will be making a fleece pullover in purple. Hopefully, we’ll have the pattern cut out before her next class.

Stay tuned for more accomplishments from R8’s mad sewing skills!

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  1. Yay for R8! Sounds like my dd. I had a post awhile ago about whether or not to buy her a sewing machine when she turned 9….I did and the next day she made a beautiful jumper! Now she is making an apron. Fuel the fire!Gail in Ohio

  2. YEAH for you, R8! I just KNEW you have great sewing skills. Your drawstring bag and skirt look great. I look forward to seeing them. I’m sure this is just the beginning. I see wonderful sewing projects ahead. I’m proud of, Grandma

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