More Ocean Connections

This past Saturday we went to our local science center with friends and found a few ocean connections. I love it when a field trip comes together! We have been continuing to study the ocean- waves, ocean zones, continents and oceans, we’ve been a few ocean going explorers so far. We’ve also been following the Arabella lessons- doing parallel sentence construction, lists in stories, and today we’ll review complete sentences.

In this exhibit, you have to blow the air onto the sails to make the boat go. Just like Arabella!

They have a touch tank and that day it was actually open. This is a chocolate chip starfish.

Look at all those tiny grippy “feet”.

J3 takes a turn at holding the starfish- he had trouble with the whole keep it under water thing…

Great Nemo line- All drains lead to the ocean…in this case we find out what happens when we put water down our drain in this neck of the woods. Ours drains into the Atlantic via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

I-6 loves this under water video they always have going- check out the blue whales. Last year we got to meet the photographer that got so close to them.

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