Summer Art Fun with Mixed Media

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Summer Art Fun with Mixed Media

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Summer is on the horizon! Here in NY the weather is getting more consistently warm (with some cool days thrown in) and many of us are thinking about our summer plans. What do you do with your summer? Summer Art Fun with Mixed Media is all about including art in those summer plans.

How to Enjoy Art During the Summer

If you are like a lot of homeschool moms, then you might not always make time for art throughout your school year. Summer is a great time to explore new art media. Here’s how we approach it:

  • Make Time– Filling your summer with being on the go sometimes means you miss out on the simple fun days. You have to have days when there’s long stretches of uninterrupted time.
  • Add Art to Your Summer Bucket List– Do you have a list of “must dos” each summer? Make sure art makes this list! This particular list was made on a year when we had to stay close to home. We had an art activity on the list (making batik fabric).
  • Plan Art Fun for Rainy Days– What a fun alternative to screen time when the weather isn’t good for playing outdoors.
  • Allows You to Be Creative When the Academic Stakes Aren’t as High– I know the artists among us will say art is good all the time. And it is. But, somehow it can get away from us if we hit a stride when we are getting the basics done but don’t feel like we have time for extras. Summer and extended school breaks allow moms to relax and enjoy the process of creating art more.
  • Quiet Activity– When life needs to slow down for everyone.
  • Activities for Friends– Sometimes it’s fun to gather a group of kids for something new. Who will you invite to do art with you?

Celebrate Summer Mixed Media Workshop

We’ve been enjoying the seasonal mixed media workshops from Alisha at Flourish all year long. It’s time for the summer class! This is a four week e-course with 20 different projects.

Celebrate Summer: Mixed Media Workshop

The cost is $48 for 20 lessons if you sign up before June, 2016 and you have life time access to the classes. We’re excited for new, summer season lessons in:

  • sculpting
  • painting
  • chalkboard art
  • watercolors
  • acrylics
  • decoupage
  • sketching
  • hand lettering
  • collage
  • art journaling

Once you register, you receive a welcome email with information on everything you need for the class. The supply list is very basic and the items you may not have on hand are easy to find in local craft stores.

This video based course is perfect for ages 8 and up including older sisters and moms- and adventurous boys!

More Summer Art Fun from Blog, She Wrote

Summer Vacation Fun with Chalk Pastels

We take plenty of time for exploring art in the summer whether it’s for nature study or for fun. Here are a few fun links:

What will your summer art goals be this year? Join us for Celebrate Summer Mixed Media Art class!

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  1. Heather, we will be doing the Summer Mixed Media workshop also. I missed the last few workshops that she has done, but with school officially over, our schedule has freed us up to do more art. Should be fun!

    1. I agree! There’s a frame in my kitchen that I’m dying to fill with something awesome from this class. Rebecca and I both enjoy the projects and I’m definitely dragging the boys along. They are overdue for some art fun!

  2. Summer is a great time to practice creativity and hone your talents. This mixed media workshop will surely bring new ideas and put a new light to the usual things we see. I’m sure that people who’ll enroll in this workshop will have a fruitful time and a well-spent summer.

  3. We’ve taken on a 100 day of art challenge for summer (though I’m sure it will carry over to fall!) and we’ve been having so much fun focusing on art.

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