Five Great Gifts for a Homeschool Mom


Blog, She Wrote: Five Great Gifts for a Homeschool Mom

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There is still a week left to find the perfect gift for the homeschool mom in your life. What would a homeschool mom love the most? I’m so glad you asked! Take a look at this fab five list:

Books of Encouragement

Some of my own favorites include:


  • Kindle eReader– for reading of all sorts for the kids and for mom. Some of my best homeschooling books are Kindle books.
  • tablet– for sharing video and embedded links from ebooks
  • computer
  • printer

Office Supplies

  • laminator
  • stapler
  • paper- all kinds of paper
  • calendar
  • great planner of her choice- I prefer one that is plain notebook paper

Blog, She Wrote

Time & Space

  • Workspace for a mom to prepare and research for her homeschool
  • Time to work and prepare and conference with kids. This cannot be underestimated and goes a long way to a calm homeschool.

A Great Homeschool Convention

A chance to attend Great Homeschool Convention to receive professional development as a home educator. There are three locations including California, Ohio, and South Carolina.

There will be speakers like Ben Carson, comedians, curriculum representatives, and your favorite homeschool vendors. Undoubtedly this will be an amazing venue of inspiration and will be a gift that gives all year long!

Enjoy the rest of the Advent season as we await the coming of the King and consider a special gift for the homeschool mom in your life.

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  1. thank you SO MUCH heather! πŸ˜€

    i love that you included space β€” i know so many moms who need that and don’t have it! πŸ™‚

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