Using Ordinary Notebook Paper for Dictation & Grammar

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 Today’s notebook paper topic is: Dictation. Many of you may be familiar with using dictation with students to improve their writing skills. Using copywork and then dictation for language arts is a natural extension of our literature unit studies. Using well written books is a great way to introduce children to grammar and the next best tool for the job is your well stocked pile of notebook paper!

I choose a few sentences or more typically a paragraph from a book we are reading and I read it aloud to my student. His job is to write down the sentence as he hears it and then I add a grammar exercise to it on the second day.

It may take some time for your student to catch on to listening and writing. I don’t mind repeating myself as we build this skill, but eventually I will not repeat the sentence and once we’ve finished, I edit the paragraph. The following day I add some grammar questions to call out some skills.

I choose the paragraph based on what my student needs work on- I can always find a great example of the use of a comma or possessive nouns when I need one.

Once we go over the grammar questions and activities, I have the student rewrite the paragraph with any corrections. It’s a nice way to tidy up the lesson.

If you’d like to know what resources I use as a reference tool for grammar, please see the list in this post called Thoughts on Grammar

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  1. Okay, this is just brilliant. SO much easier and more natural than even the "fun" grammar book we've been trying to use! Love it! Thanks!

  2. Hi Cindy,I checked the link and corrected it. See if you can follow the link "Thoughts on Grammar" and in it you'll find the three main things I have used. If I'm wrong or it's confusing let me know and I'll post it separately!Heather

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