Using Ordinary Notebook Paper Day 4: Quest of the Day


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Today’s notebook paper topic is: Quest of the Day! Quest of the Day is an evolved edition of The Daily Quest which we used to do daily. Daily is more difficult to do as school gets busier. However, the Quest is really a great tool to get kids engaged in what they are to discover through a lesson and pulling it out now and then has been very effective.

When is a good time to insert a Quest of the Day? 

  • Any time you have something you want the kids to learn for the day- could be a concept or a fact and you want to change things up and make it a little more exciting.
  • When you have a question come up during conversation, maybe even at the dinner table, and it becomes obvious that the kids would benefit from discovering something on their own. So…when you want the teachable moment to really have some meaning.
  • When you want to infuse a little energy into the day, quickly put together a Quest of the Day and take a break from what you are working on. A lot of times I will assign some research oriented topic, but it works just as well with observation or treasure hunt opportunities.

Pictured above are some Quests from today. J7 has been studying The Pumpkin Runner for FIAR and he was on a Quest to find out how a mile compares to a kilometer. He loves a challenge to look something up!

Today’s other Quest came up at the lunch table. Our trip to the library came up and what books were awaiting us. What followed was a discussion about classics vs junk food books. The kids were debating which of their favorites were or would be become classics. So, an idea popped into my head- let’s define a classic and then see which of their choices added up. We also want to engage Dan in this one so tomorrow night at dinner, our Quest knowledge and subsequent opinion will be discussed.

The idea of the Quest is that it isn’t always planned ahead of time- so what better way to get things going quickly than with a sheet of notebook paper? The theme of this series is action! Notebook paper gives us the freedom to act on our ideas without extra preparation. 

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