Workshops Work! A Parent’s Guide to Facilitating Writer’s Workshops for Kids

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Blog, She Wrote: Workshops Work! A Parent's Guide to Facilitating Writer's Workshops for KidsThis post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

I’ve been hosting a writer’s workshop in our home since September. A writer’s workshop is a time for writers to gather together and share their work. Sometimes workshops hold a mini lesson and give participants time to write and some, like ours, encourages writers to bring pieces they’ve already written to be shared during the workshop.

Writer’s Workshop with the Workshops Work Model

Our workshop is based on the model from the book Workshops Work by Patricia Zaballos. The book explains the benefits of doing a writer’s workshop with kids along with the nuts and bolts of putting a workshop together. I was convinced from the moment I started reading the book and aimed to invite kids to join us this fall. We are a success!

The book is divided into two sections: The Workshop itself – how it works and what to do and The Toolbox- resources and information you can use during a workshop.

To see more detail about each section, please click over to my review over at The Curriculum Choice and enter to win your own copy of Workshops Work!

Also, stay tuned to Blog, She Wrote for a post explaining more about our workshop and how it’s been successful for the kids…successful enough that when I began to ask them about what project they’d like to do to wrap up the year when it’s time, they couldn’t believe we had to end!

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