5 Reasons to Host a Girls’ Book Club

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Blog, She Wrote: 5 Reasons to Host a Girls' Book Club

Are you looking for a way to get your girl to connect with books and have time with other girls? Having just one daughter among three sons, I have to be intentional about making sure we have girl time. When we were invited to be a part of a girls’ book club, I happily accepted the opportunity to host. We meet once a month in our home, and we have six girls who attend. The parents stay for the club time and share their expertise with the girls. Why take the time to work a book club into your schedule?

For five reasons to host a girl’s book club, click on over to the Bright Ideas Press blog where my post is today!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea I would like to try in the summer. Do you have resources for these books or a list that gives ideas?

    1. Suzanne,

      The organizer came up with a list of books she was interested in using and we agreed to them. Many are Newberry Honors and well…now that I think about it most have had girl protagonists. As parents we’ll suggest activities after reading the book- the girls sometimes have ideas as well. We meet together for two hours and include lunch so we only have 1-2 activities plus food time. Pretty low key- ah and discussion of course. The girls love talking about the books.

    1. The organizer put the word out to three different homeschooling groups so the girls are from different groups which has been pretty cool too. Maybe reach out beyond your normal boundaries?

  2. We have been part of an American Girl book club for 3 years. It has been a huge blessing to all the families involved. Lots of crafts, themed parties, and discussion. This month we are meeting at a Jewish deli to discuss the Rebecca books. This fall the girls used the Samantha Theater Kit and put on a small play. We love our girl’s book club! Thanks for the encouragement. We will soon be moving to a format similar to the one you are using.

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